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Cassandra Clare say what? Find out how many characters get the axe in ‘City of Heavenly Fire’

September 27, 2013

Yesterday, Cassandra Clare took to twitter during a little writer’s break to talk to her fans about Shadowhunters and what not. Speculation amongst the fans increased when Clare finally revealed how many known character will die in the last installment in The Mortal Instrument series. Below you will find a collection of gifs explaining my and I presume the fans reaction:

Six will die???

This was inevitable, but now we have a number! Cassandra won’t give us names because that will spoil it for everyone, but now we wait till May 27th to find out. Will is be Alec Lightwood? Amatis Herondale? Jocelyn Fairchild? Luke Garroway? Magnus Bane? Maia Roberts? Maryse Lightwood? Robert Lightwood? Jordan Kyle? Simon Lewis? We know Emma Carstairs parents die in the battle, and I’m sure Clary and Jace survive since they are the main characters.

What was your reaction to six character deaths?

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  • ilovetrio13

    It’s not fair.

  • Melissa Flim

    I’m scared to read it! I don’t want to see any of my beloved characters die.

  • claire

    just because Jace and Clary are the main characters doesn’t mean they can’t die.

  • Yaira

    Luke, Isabel or Simon, Alec or Magnus and maybe Maia? as for the rest I’m clueless I don’t think Jace will die cause why would Jem be so calm in Clockwork princess if his “last beloved Herondale” died?

  • Natasha Polis

    In Cassandra Clare’s next series, The Dark Artifices, she has stated that both Jace and Clary make appearances in the story.

  • Emily Janine

    All I know is, I’m gonna need a lot of ice cream to get through this last book.

  • Fawkes

    based on Clockwork Princess (the final book of the other series), I seriously doubt that any of the MAIN characters will die. I mean really she didn’t kill off that many main, seriously loved characters..

  • Amelie

    Characters we know by name doesn’t mean GOOD characters ;) Jonathan’s probably gonna die for one. Though I guess someone of the bigger roles is gonna die. Maybe Alec?! That would be an epic ending to that love story, wouldn’t it? Magnus crying over Alec’s body… Lots of potential. Or Maia and Jordan have a double death. Like Lupin and Tonks in HP. I could imagine something like that.
    But I don’t think that more than 2 of the “good” teens will be dead in the end. Because in City of Glass only Max dies really. And in CP2 it was only Jessamine and who cared about her anymore?! xD
    So no, Cassandra Clare is not the type to write such a sad ending to a story. She’s more of the cliffhanger type, but that we hopefully won’t have in CohF.

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  • Lamar Bakhsh


  • tinylittlebird

    And tissues, let’s not forget the tissues.

  • Catie Field

    In the last section at the bottom when you were naming possible people that were going to die…you listed Amatis Herondale. She died in City of Lost Souls.

  • Greenleaf17

    “six characters we know by name”
    Some might be main characters
    Others might be shadowhunters that only talked once, or only mentioned once.
    Tissues out
    But no gun xD

  • TnT

    If she kills magnus I will deface my book.

  • Sierra Patrica

    Watch she kills Jace or Clary and Ill have a a crying fit for years.

  • Sierra Patrica

    Never know. Could mean they went down in history and are mentioned.

  • Sierra Patrica

    Or Luke. Or Magnus. Or Jocelyn. Or Simon. OMG THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS

  • Kendra Schauer

    My guess is two of the main characters. I believe simon will definitely die, part of the reason she created the last 3 books of TMI was because of loose ends regarding simon and his mark of cain. Its been removed so now simon can and I believe will die. CoLS painted izzy as desperately wanting to allow herself to open her heart and fall in love. The snippets I have read allude to simon breaking her heart, also in CoLS the Iron Sisters said that Izzy would make a perfect silent sister. The only way she could do that would be for her to loose the one person she falls in love with. Which to me is simon.
    Also I believe Magnus will die, its set up perfectly to where he could have a tragic death trying to save Alec whom he truely loves even though he broke up with him. Also the epi of clockwork princess states that tessa hadn’t seen magnus since alicante months before, its possible she didn’t know of his death yet since that was referingto the events in CoG.
    As for two other deaths, I am convinced one will be Sebastian, possibly while redeeming himself in some way but of course I don’t think he will actually turn good just have a redeeming moment. I think Maureen also must die.I think she was the vampire with Sebastian in the magic house in CoLS but I could be wrong there. However she will have a big evil part in CoHF, I am sure of that.
    The last two deaths, I am not so sure of.I think they will be people we are not so familiar with.Jocelyn and Luke deserve their happy ending and it would ruin clary and therefore jace to have them die. Also Jace won’t die because he has to carry on the herondale name. Its a very important trend it seems to keep the herondales alive. But I predict that he may loose his angel given abilities in the pocess.I also do not believe that Alec will die. He is also needed to carry on the lightwood name since max is gone. He may be gay but I believe in the gay rights messeges in the books and I think he would adopt to carry on the name. That all said I think the deaths of Jordan and Maia could happen because it would be another twist. But I am thinking Robert Lightwood would be a bettee canidate because he needs to redeem himself still. We have seen Maryse redeem herself in her unconditional love toward jace but never robert. I thought Amatis died at the last battle in CoLS at Alecs hand though some people keep thinking she could be one to die in CoHF but unless its a reflection of her death, I don’t think that’s possible. But I also think that Aline Penhallow is a good canidate for death, she isn’t mentioned at all in any of TDA info yet her and Helen are engaged, could explain why in one snippet the whole of the blackthorn children are seen in morning gear but I think the death of the blackthorn mother is most likely for that however we don’t know her or her name. There will be many people who we haven’t heard of yet that will die like emma carstairs parents. But these are my educated guesses after rereading both the TMI and TID series.

  • Naomi Rose

    i think jace might die honestly c: it has another tris situation written all over it

  • Naomi Rose

    also me and my friend have a theory that magnus will die saving alec :3

  • Kate

    Yeah me to I’m like in love with Jace and if he dies I will die

  • Kate

    who do you think is going to die?

  • Kate

    Me and my bestfriend love Jace and Magnus
    Also Magnus and Alec should get back together

  • jheianne

    i don’t care who will die as long as its not Alec or Magnus.

  • ME


  • Katjusha

    The Clockwork Princess epilogue is set somewhere after City of Lost Souls or during City of Heavenly Fire, not after.