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LISTEN: Songs featured in ‘Vampire Academy’ teaser trailer

September 9, 2013

The first teaser trailer for Vampire Academy hit the web a bit ago, causing the fandom’s excitement levels to rise tenfold. The trailer features two very catchy songs that I managed to track down! The first is the intro of ‘You (Ha Ha Ha)’ by Charli XCX, and the trailer closes off with ‘Beast’ by Nico Vega. The movie was directed by Mark Waters, written by Daniel Waters, and stars Zoey Deutch as Rose, Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri, Lucy Fry as Lissa, Sarah Hyland as Natalie, Cameron Monaghan as Mason, Dominic Sherwood as as Christian, and Sami Gayle as Mia.

‘You (Ha Ha Ha)’ by Charli XCX

‘Beast’ by Nico Vega

‘Vampire Academy’ trailer:

What did you think of the songs, and first trailer?

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  • Arabella Mason

    I’m scared O_O

  • Jessica Porter

    Im scared to it kind of looked like some knock off of the vampire diaries.

  • http://www.kirabutler.com/ Kira Butler

    I think that given the track record of the recent YA book to film releases, this might not be such a smash at the box office, but I’m still interested in seeing how it’s adapted. I really liked these books back when I read them.

    Also: Gold Panda = winning.

  • Greenleaf17

    It also didn’t help that the movies weren’t that good either.

  • Raenor

    So cool I love Charli XCX