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PHOTOS: John Green films his cameo in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ – I have a theory for what it could be!

September 17, 2013

John Green, the author of The Fault in Our Stars, is on the set of the film adaptation of the novel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He shared a few photos from an airport today, adding that he isn’t actually flying out from this airport – putting two and two together, that means they’re filming in an airport! Gus and Hazel are heading to Amsterdam! See the photos below:



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The photo with the little girl, who he introduced as Sophie, looked like it was in an airport – then he confirmed he was in fact in an airport by posting the graffiti above, with the caption “Lovely graffiti at the airport.”

Here’s my theory for what I believe John’s cameo might be! I think they are moving the scene that takes place at the beginning of the novel, with the little girl named Jackie approaching Hazel and talking about her cannula. Instead of it happening in the mall, I think it will happen in the airport. It makes sense, since during the scene at the airport where Augustus randomly disappears, it’s thought by some people that he just felt horrible seeing people staring at Hazel due to the outward proof of her illness – her cannula. While he’s gone, it would be fitting to have the little girl come and talk to her to really hit home the fact that she “isn’t normal” and that people around her notice. I think John is going to be playing the parent who comes to take the child (portrayed by Sophie) away, apologizing for bothering Hazel. It will be adorable to see Hazel offering the canulla to her, letting her try it! You can see John is in a smart travel outfit, it would make sense that he could be flying, bringing along his daughter.

What do you think of my theory?

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  • Nikola Dirlakova

    I agree with your theory and it will be nice to see him in the movie adaptation of his book. He must be excited like us, maybe even more! :)

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  • Emily

    I hope he has a decent role like the girl’s parent, and not just some passerby!

  • Joe Sierputowski

    I think this is a very feasible theory, but I would hope that instead we would hear the clear sound of a grown man vlogging to his brother hank about the gray speckled walls behind him in the airport..

  • Lauren Parker

    You’re right, but they cut the scene

  • Jon Hart

    also Henry gets a cameo as well