The Vampire Diaries


Watch: Preview and clip of the first episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5

September 28, 2013

New promos for S05E01 of The Vampire Diaries titled I Know What You Did Last Summer have been released online. The preview gives us a glimpse at human Katherine, vampires Elena and Caroline going off to college – and Bonnie? – and Damon confronting Silas. Watch it below:

The first clip from the episode, featuring Damon and Elena is also here:

With the Mikaelson family having left for New Orleans, we know the Salvatores are back in fore of the story again. Lots of new angles will be explored in season 5 including a human Katherine, the doppleganger mythology and the Other Side with Bonnie.

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  • Dillon Armoogam

    Can’t wait !