Fifty Shades of Grey


BREAKING: ‘Once Upon A Time’s’ Jamie Dornan cast as Christian Grey in ‘Fifty Shades’

October 23, 2013

The LA Times has announced the new actor taking over the role of Christian Grey!Just last week we got word of Charlie Hunnam’s sudden exit from the movie. Now a new familiar face from ABC’s popular fairy tale show has stepped up to the plate. Jamie Dornan, we know him as The Hunter, is set to star as the young billionaire with a flare for a good beating to his rump. He’s 31, with not too many film credits to his name. The British actor has also just been recently married.

The casting of Dornan — who will play opposite Dakota Johnson’s lead female character — comes shortly after Hunnam departed the Christian Grey role. Producers and Universal Pictures / Focus Features have been keen to replace him quickly to make a November production start date and an August release.

Let’s see if this one stays, but it’s nice to see a fresh face, so that fans may not respond the way they did to Charlie. Remember, this guy is only getting paid $120,000 for a role that will change his life maybe for the worse.

I’m afraid to ask… What do you think?

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  • Amber (@tmi_institute)

    Totally excited about this! Nat, he was so great in OUAT. I actually almost quit watching it when he died. I was not happy about Charlie at all and had decided that I’d probably not watch it. BUT, I’ll sacrifice my hard earned dough to see Jamie D in this!

  • ilovetrio13

    I don’t know what I think haha He looks good, I’m just terrified for this to be turned into a movie in general!

  • ladykaye

    He did a good job in Once Upon A Time, until they KILLED him too soon so I haven’t had the chance to see his potentials. Have seen partly his sensual side though in Marie Antoinette when he was the queen’s boy toy in the movie and I think he’s quite a nice fit to Grey’s role so I’m looking forward to MORE of it in the adaptation. ;)

  • creativeinarts

    Oh boy. I loved him on Once Upon A Time, I was absolutely heartbroken when they killed off his character. I actually wanted to stay so so far away from this movie. I’m a little bit worried about his name being attached to this project. Ahh … Only time will tell, I guess.

  • Katelyn Harrolle

    NO! Not unless he shaves!