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‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes’ goes back into pre-production in 2014

October 23, 2013

The Hollywood Reporter has just announced the plans for City of Ashes to go back into production after the less than thrilling performance the first film did in the box office.

Constantin is planning to start pre-production again in 2014. The studio’s decision to move forward had a lot to do with the fan response:

“The fan response, from the blogosphere and the thousands of mails we have received, has encouraged us to keep going,” Moszkowicz told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s been overwhelmingly positive, in contrast to some other YA titles.”

The total take for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was a disappointing $130 million to it’s $60 million budget and $60 million promoting budget. Constantin has taken it’s time to rethink where they went wrong with this beloved story from best-selling author Cassandra Clare. They have said:

“We are analyzing what we did wrong with the first film — particularly with the positioning and marketing — and what changes we have to make. We are working with a great group of people to reposition the franchise [for City of Ashes].”

Something that I full heartedly agree with is who they are marketing the franchise to. Not all of us are teenage girls, and with the heavy and dark themes of the books, the studio is looking to promote it to an older audience:

“The readers of Mortal Instruments are older than you might think,” he said. “That may have been one issue in our marketing, that we focused too much on a very young audience segment.”

What a relief! Are you Shadowhunters ready for City of Ashes?

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  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Glad to hear their moving forward and rethinking who their target audience really is and it’s not just pre-teen or teen market. They also need to be thinking the target market when rewriting the script to.

  • Jessica Sturgill

    Keep it true to the book, they changed to much in City of Bones. I personaly was not happy with the guy playing Jace.

  • Dorothy Lu

    Thank god ‘City of Ashes’ will be in production again! Lightened up my horrible day full of blood and poison. Quite happy they will be thinking about the target market for this movie because I’m thirteen and ‘City of Bones’ seemed a bit too young even for me.

  • Mirna Villeda

    Oh, that’s such good news! I’m so happy they realized that fans of the book are older. The movie was too teen mainstream for me, especially the greenhouse scene where Demi Lovato’s song is playing on the backgroun (love Demi, but that song did not go well with the scene at all). I think the movie will do better if it’s done with a more adult feel to it. Having it be more mature will do it more justice.

  • Dillon Armoogam

    Yay !

  • Courtney

    I’m a little scared to be honest, but glad they at least seem to have a better idea of what they’re doing now.

  • Cass

    The #1 issue was how extremely and elaborately (and unnecessarily) they strayed from the books in the second half of the movie.
    #2 was the (really young) young-adult vibe.
    (and lets not even mention dubbing over Magnus…….)

    There were lots of things I was unhappy with but I put them aside and loved it anyway because it was just another representation of a world I love so much. I’m glad they took time to make the second one better and I am so relieved they are continuing with City Of Ashes!

    Huge shout out to all the fans and the pages and the blogs etc for such support. WE MADE IT HAPPEN GUYS! <3

  • Andrew55

    I think they MUST keep the same cast. However, they should clean house on everyone else and start from scratch. Bring in a new director that has some experience with Sci-Fi. Bring in a more polished screenwriter who, if it’s possible, has some experience adapting novels to the big screen. Find a whole new marketing team and market it as a more darker, serious, action packed, sexy film. Don’t promote it as the next Twilight of Hunger Games. STAY AWAY FROM THAT!! Promote it as something different and edgy. And please use social media to your advantage. Post clips and interviews all over the place. Keep fans involved on facebook and twitter with more contests and reveals. Also find a new music supervisor. They should use more indie bands for the soundtrack.

  • Erin

    I took this from a poster on another site:
    Actually wait for more confirmation AFTER 1-2 months of when DVD/Blu-Ray/download sales come out. This smells of a desperate PR attempt to try to boost DVD/Blu-Ray sales since it’s in less than 5 weeks coming out. Here’s what Moscowicz told Variety:

    Although the intention is to shoot the film sometime next year, it is not carved in stone.

    “That is the plan, but it is not a given,” Moszkowicz said. “We believe in that franchise, and we would like to do that, but we need to get it right.”
    Me: Also, 130 million? Neither BoxOfficeMojo nor The-Numbers has the film at the 100 million Moscowciz told them, so where di PTP get the 130 million number from? BOM and TN has it at 81 million and 75 million respectively.

  • Christine Wilson

    And my plans for hunting down Robert Sheehan in Toronto are back on!

  • Scavenger

    I think Jamie (i.e. ‘the guy playing Jace”) was one of the best things about City of Bones

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