Win two tickets to the “Twilight Forever Fan Experience” marathon film screening in New York on Nov. 3

October 21, 2013

Tickets to the Twilight Forever Fan Experience screening of all five Twilight Saga films, include the first theatrical showing of the extended edition of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” in New York on November 3 were gone before we could even post that they were available.  There is a wait list though if you still want to try at

If you are in the area or can be in NYC on November 3 at 9 AM, we have two tickets to give away to this very special screening at the Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 Cineplex  on 42nd Street right off of Times Square (247 W. 42nd St., New York, NY 10036).  The screenings will feature special appearances (to be announced), exclusive prizes and giveaways.  This is for two tickets for the film screening only and does not include access to the Planet Hollywood event on November 4. 

To enter to win we have three steps:


To enter, follow us on Twitter:

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For the third step, comment here with your Twitter username, if you liked us on Facebook, and share with us your favorite memory of your Twilight Saga experience.

The contest will end at 11:59 PM ET on Sunday, October 27, 2013. Winner will be notified on Monday, October 28 and must respond promptly or another name will be drawn. No transportation or accommodations are provided. Please do not enter unless you can attend the screening starting at 9 AM on Sunday, November 3 in New York City.

The “Twilight Forever Fan Experience” will celebrated the fifth anniversary of “Twilight,” the film, and commemorate the release of the “Twilight Forever” box set. Learn more about the NYC events here. Can you believe it has been five years since the photo above happened?

Thank you for entering!

No camping is required. ;-)

Amy is a lifelong fangirl, who gets most excited over The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Disney, Star Trek, superhero movies, and Broadway musicals. She’s Twilight fan fiction writer, Esme Mom Cullen, and her work is (mostly) focused on her favorite ship – Carlisle and Esme. She has the sarcasm and wit of a born and raised Jersey Girl, even though she now makes her home in Southern California. She currently works in the areas of communications and corporate social responsibility.

  • Tiea Martin

    Followed (tieamartinw) and liked (Tiea Martin). My favorite Twilight saga experience would have to be- oh I can only pick one? I would have to say going to the midnight premieres. I have been to every single one and own quite a bit of Twilight merchandise. A funny story is when I was driving back from the Eclipse midnight premiere, I was pulled over for having a headlight out that I was unaware of. The police officer was extremely cool about it and asked if I was coming back from a Twilight premiere. When I said yes, he replied “My wife went as well. For a fan, I will let you off with a warning. Drive safe!” WOO~

  • michelichi

    my user name is @kstewpattison i liked your facebook page. My favorite twilight experience was going to the breaking dawn part 2 world premier in Los Angeles and meeting Stephenie Meyer in Forks this year :)

  • Tania Emilian

    Hi my twitter name is materialgirl76. I liked your Facebook page and am following you on twitter. My favorite twilight memory is going to the first showings if each movie with my sister, cousins and niece ages 9-40 . It was the first movie and book we could all share and enjoy together it became our fall tradition(except for the eclipse premiere that we saw in June). Is live to be to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the twilight premiere. I’m not only a New Yorker but I’m very local to the theater. Thank you

  • Adrienne Spykers

    My Twitter name is Adrienne Spykers. I liked your FB page as well as follow you on Twitter. My ultimate Twilight Fan Experience was this past September when I took my very first trip to Forks WA to spend a wonderful weekend with fellow Twilight fans. And to my absolute surprise and amazement, STEPHENIE MEYER was there too!! I was able to get her autograph as well as photo with her! It was a moment that I will never ever forget … meeting the woman who changed my life forever!

  • Noelle Kelly

    My twitter username is noellekelly7 and I liked Page to Premiere on FB. My favorite Twilight Saga memory was the Borders book release for Breaking Dawn.

  • Linda

    My twitter handle is @llovrin and I do follow you on facebook. I have made so many amazing memories of the Twilight Saga and I could sit here listing them all day long but my favorite memory would have to be the fact that my husband read all of the books too because I was so obsessed with them and then we went to the midnight movie release together each time a movie came out. We even wore t-shirts that had to do with the movies. He used to pick on me because I have always been a die hard Team Edward person so he used to tell me that he was on Team Jacob so one year I had a t-shirt made for him that said “Team Edward because my wife says so!” for him and one made for me that said “Team Edward because I am the wife and I say so!” It was hysterical and he was a good sport about it, we even wore them to one of the midnight releases. Everyone got a kick out of it.

  • Paula CC

    My twitter username is ccpaula18 and I liked Page to Premiere on Facebook and I also followed you on twitter! My favorite Twilight Saga memory was skipping school with my bestfriend to go watch the premiere of Twilight because we are obsessive! I would love to win this since my birthday is on November, perfect birthday present!

  • Nicole

    Following on Twitter, Twitter name – niicoleeeo. Liked on FB! My favorite memory of the Twilight saga experience is sitting in the theater during BD2 during the fight scene yelling along with everyone and then sobbing at the end with everyone!

  • Thomas Hatch

    Saw the Breaking Dawn Marathon with my wife and sister in Oshawa, Ont last year for the release of Breaking Dawn 2. would love to celebrate the one year anniversary of that fun filled day with taking a trip with my wife and sister to NYC for a great weekend of Twilight. #TeamCullen

  • thelynsj

    Hi! Followed on Twitter and liked on FB! My favorite memory from the Saga? Stumbling across Kristen’s hot bodyguard and deciding it was a good idea to co-create the HBG Facebook page. He probably doesn’t know it, but he’s helped make the fan experience even more fun, and he’s such a good sport! #TeamHBG foreva!