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WATCH: First clip from ‘Divergent’ of Tris studying Four’s back tattoo – “I’m still working on kind.”

December 18, 2013

Yahoo! Movies premiered the first clip from the upcoming adaptation of Divergent set to release on March 21, 2014. Watch the clip below, and be ready to fangirl:

I honesty started crying after watching that. It’s so perfect, Shailene Woodley and Theo James are perfection in these roles. That Ellie Goulding song is so pretty with the scene, I’m just a little disappointed that they decided to show us this scene first.

What do you think of the first scene released?

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  • Dana Green

    I like cried like why’d I cry it was just so OMG my feels! I love these books

  • Marie Hernandez

    I am with you it seems unfair for people that haven’t read the book is like a real big spoiler for them for us should be good but, poor of them seriously I was expecting something like the choosing ceremony or idk something not that big as almost their first kiss, don’t ya think so? :$

  • Nancy Farnsworth

    I am dead! That scene just killed all my feels. I am done.

  • Caty

    Just go ahead and crush my feels. This was amazing

  • http://www.sindreellingsen.blogg.no/ Sindre Ellingsen

    I’ve got gooose bumps! Just pure beauty! <3

  • michelle

    This is like the 15th time I watched this ugh its soo perfect!!! I love them as tris and four ughhhhh I cant wait!!!!!

  • Alondra Rodriguez

    this is so not fair. Never have i ever been so turned on by something so mundane as a male talking. Oh my gosh that deep ass voice is going to give me a heart attack someday. I have seen so many book to movie adaptations but for the love of god never have any of them seemed so drool worthy and amazing just because of one small teaser. You can feel the emotion in the atmosphere and in the way they communicate/act. You can just tell the movie will be a hit.

  • Alondra Rodriguez

    they can both act! Shocker, not many book to movie adaptations have GOOD actors that can actually you know well ACT…