Vampire Academy


WATCH: The first scene from ‘Vampire Academy’ is here – Rose punches Mia!

December 31, 2013

MTV just debuted the new scene from Vampire Academy on their New Year’s Eve special! The scene below depicts the part in the book when the students are at their annual dance! Watch below for the epic yet hilarious punch Mia receives from Rose!

What do you think about the first scene from the film

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  • Nisa Garcia

    So I admit that the first time I saw it. I was like meh. BUT the second time around I have to say I love it.! I do seem to think that there is more to the scene than there is. And if it does I will be even more excited for it. But other than that. I can’t wait for the movie.! I think everyone is doing an awesome job.

  • Carly

    everything was good in the scene except for Mia… that acting felt really forced

  • Semper

    Mia looks like a boy. xD
    Zoey Deutch is perfect as Rose. The rest of the cast… meh. Maybe Christian is ok, but DYMITR, Lissa… terrible.

  • Ashleigh Bell

    Annnnnd I live in Canada….”Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location.” Life’s story.

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