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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ filming update for December 2013

January 2, 2014

If your like me then you were super busy this December with holiday fun and you may have missed all the Fifty Shades of Grey filming news that was floating around Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler and even YouTube recently. Lucky for us I found some time to help you get caught up on all that happened with filming in Vancouver, Canada this past month before filming starts up again January 6th.  Please note if you have not read the books there are some tiny SPOILERS ahead

December 1st was the first day of filming in Vancouver, Canada. They filmed the well known “Café” scene at Rainer Provisions.

Please see the pictures here-First day of shooting and first set pictures

December 2nd it is rumored they filmed a scene at Paper Hound book store where Christian buys Ana a certain first edition book.

December 4th and 5th cast and crew were spotted at The Fish House in Stanley Park filming what is to be portrayed as a Georgia hotel bar. E.L James confirmed as much with this instagram picture.

georgia el

December 6th Dakota Johnson who plays Anastasia Steele was spotted on set. Shooting a undetermined scene.

dec 6 1

December 7th Jamie Dornan who plays Christian Grey joined Dakota Johnson and were both spotted on set.

dec 7 blue

December 8th during the day Dakota Johnson filmed a scene from the beginning of the book where Ana arrives at Christians office to interview him.

interview day

December 8th later that night Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson filmed a scene from the book were Anastasia and Christian just finished discussing “the contract”. There were several fans on hand, please scroll to the bottom to see there YouTube videos.

dinner collage1

December 8th also gave us our first look at the outside of Grey Enterprises and Anastasia’s car “Wanda”.

wanda and grey house

December 13th 75 local extras played the college students, coming and going from the bar set in the Burrard Iron Works building in Vancouver. Book fans if you don’t remember, this is the scene where Anastasia celebrates a little too much, and drunk dials a certain someone.

club scene1

E.L. James confirmed to her fans via Instagram the scene they were shooting with one picture that night.

bar night el

December 15th it is rumored that the interior shots for the well known “Interview” scene were filmed inside of Jameson House Building in Vancouver.

December 17th and 18th the crew worked to transform The University of British Columbia into Washington State University for the filming of Anastasia’s Graduation.
Callum Keith Rennie who is playing the role of Anastasia’s step father Ray Steele was spotted on set to film.
While Victor Rasuk who plays José Rodriguez was spotted taking a break from filming with Dakota Johnson and Director Sam Taylor-Johnson.


Eloise Mumford who portrays Anastasia’s best friend Kate Kavanagh was spotted on set getting ready to shoot her portion for the scene.
As Jamie Dornan who is of course our ever so handsome Christian Grey got into character.

graduation 2

December 19th Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson returned to set to film a scene where Anastasia is almost hit by a bike messenger.

bike scene

Wow! Looks to me like the question of do they have on screen chemistry is answered with this picture. What do you think? There was also fanposted YouTube videos for this day please scroll down to watch.

dec19 safe1

December 20th was the last day shooting before the holiday break and it is rumored they filmed the interior for “The Club” scene.
E.L.James Author of Fifty Shades of Grey looks to be having a wonderful time while watching her book come to life.

el james 19th dec happy

Special thanks to all the Fifty Fans who have been posting all there videos and pictures and a special thanks to Fan Christine B. who posted the 2 YouTube videos below.

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Fifty Shades of Grey will hit theaters February 13th 2015

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