Vampire Academy

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New ‘Vampire Academy’ trailer released: “Trust”

January 18, 2014

A brand new trailer has been released for Vampire Academy, featuring the new release date, February 7th. I like that it has a darker tone than the previous trailers! This is definitely my favorite one so far. What was your favorite part?

Based on author Richelle Mead’s worldwide bestselling series, Vampire Academy tells the legend of Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch) and Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry), two 17-year-old girls who attend a hidden boarding school for Moroi (mortal, peaceful Vampires) and Dhampirs (half-vampire/half-human guardians). Rose, a rebellious Guardian-in-training and her best friend, Lissa — a royal vampire Princess – have been on the run when they are captured and returned to St.Vladamirs Academy, the very place where they believe their lives may be in most jeopardy. Thrust back into the perils of Moroi Society and high school, Lissa struggles to reclaim her status while Rose trains with her mentor and love-interest, Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky), to guarantee her place as Lissa’s guardian. Rose will sacrifice everything to protect Lissa from those who intend to exploit her from within the Academy walls and the Strigoi (immortal, evil vampires) who hunt her kind from outside its sanctuary.

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  • Mrs.Ivashkov

    Ok. This trailer was a lot similar in mood to the book than any of the other trailers. I’m crossing my fingers!

  • Jordan

    I feel like the only person in the world who didn’t like this trailer. For me everything felt me awkward – from relationships to dialogue to scenes to the narrating voice. I know they were trying to add the serious vibe along with the humour but it made me cringe.
    I still think the movie will be pretty good though. I’m not basing my opinion on this trailer at all because the other trailers are good and I liked them a lot better

  • Cass

    I really like the tone of this trailer, since the other ones had a very Mean Girls vibe, this one is nice because it shows the darker side. So Excited! Feb 7th! Ahhhh

  • Cass

    Jordan you’re right though, it felt a little rushed but I think thats because of time constraints

  • Jordan

    Yeah. I guess there just trying REALLY HARD to make sure it’s not another YA bomb that it messed up a bit.
    Still really looking forward to the movie though. I think this could do well in the box office.