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‘Vampire Academy’s’ Zoey Deutch is Just Jared’s “Spotlight of the Week “

January 23, 2014

Zoey Deutch sat down with Just Jared this past week to talk about her upcoming leading role in Vampire Academy, and also take some fun flirty photos. See the gorgeous photos down below and read part of the interview after the cut. Don’t forget, Vampire Academy will be out in theaters on February 7th!








Just Jared: Tell us what drew you to Vampire Academy. What was so special about this movie, since there are quite a number of vampire shows and movies?

Zoey Deutch: I don’t really feel there has been a big vampire film recently, although it’s a subject and a genre that has definitely been explored and in some people’s eyes perhaps overdone. I haven’t done extensive research, but I don’t think there’s been too many vampire films as funny as this. It’s always funny when people ask me why I was attracted to it because what most people wouldn’t understand is… I don’t go out and go, “Oh I want that part,” and then all of a sudden I get it, you know? I’m constantly auditioning all the time, even while I’m working, to get a job that I like.

Most people are kind of struggling because they’re taking jobs to make money. But in this instance, it all came together in a way that I feel very fortunate. I loved the character – it’s a kind of bad-ass heroine who uses her humor as a defense mechanism, as a means of survival. And for some ungodly reason I got the part, so that’s how it all came to be. It came to fruition.

JJ: What was your favorite scene to film?

ZD: The action sequences were the scariest. I was very, very careful about making sure that I wouldn’t hurt anyone else. And we had a great stunt team behind us. I was a dancer when I was younger so that certainly helped me. My body and muscle memory were able to perform.

JJ: What did you prepare for most, action scenes or emotional scenes?

ZD: I would say that I prepared more for the emotional stuff because I couldn’t prepare for the action stuff because half of it, I would be taught the action sequences like ten minutes before, which is even more terrifying. I’m like, “How the f–k do you use nunchucks?” I really have no idea. That was definitely interesting.

JJ: Do you have a favorite prop from set?

ZD: I love, I loooooove props, but [the director] Mark [Waters] wanted it to be pretty prop-less. So I didn’t really have too many props, unfortunately.

JJ: So you didn’t steal anything from set?

ZD: I did. I stole a towel that said, “St. Vladimir” which is the school, and I’m just revealing that now. (laughs)

JJ: What’s your favorite off screen moment?

ZD: It was so long, I can’t pick one. We were all pretty… I have a weird balance of being completely aware of everything that’s going on and needing to basically be my own A.D. (assistant director), understanding exactly what’s going everywhere and at the exact same time – just being a total goof and having fun with everybody.

I know Mark Waters consciously made an effort to keep my energy very high. As you know, I’m an extremely hyper person. So I was working 16, 17 hours a day for four months including night shoots while being aware of everything, being hyper. And then I made sure that I would go out on weekends to maintain a stable and happy mind opposed to just working all the time. I was exhausted, so I can’t really think of one specific instance, but it was a great experience overall, for sure.

JJ: Can you think of one though? (laughs)

ZD: Oh! This isn’t a favorite memory, this is just a really funny memory. I had to train during lunch, because we were working such long hours. I wouldn’t have time in the morning or afterwards to weight train and stuff, which needed to be maintained throughout filming, even though there was virtually no time at all. So we would try and make time during lunch.

Instead of going in my trailer and training with my personal trainer, I did it outside on the ground, with a towel, just to f–k with everybody while they were eating lunch. (laughs) Just to torture them and be like, “Look what I’m doing!” Push-ups, sit-ups, weights. And it was raining too! That was funny. Everybody teased me for a long time after that. It was my revenge for them being able to relax and have lunch. I was like…

JJ: “I’m still working!”

ZD: Exactly!

Read the rest of the interview here!

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