Vampire Academy

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WATCH: NEW ‘Vampire Academy’ featurette with Richelle Mead

January 22, 2014

The Official VA Page uploaded a new Vampire Academy featurette! It has some of the same footage from the Regal Featurette, but with interviews from Richelle Mead, and a couple new scenes! Watch below now:

See all the TV spots and Featurette with a reaction from myself by clicking here!

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  • Lev Zetlin

    I am so excited for this film! Especially happy that this film has such a low budget with only 30 million or something around there. I believe the reason why movies have been failing is because of their crazy 120 million budget or 60 million budget. Now the book to movie adaptations are going through a hard time where the non book audience is bored of ” I’M NOT A HUMAN?? WHAT!” and I think its good for the first movie in a franchise to have a really low budget that they will most definetly pass. Well hopefully.