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‘The Vampire Diaries’ casts 3 new characters for season 5

February 19, 2014

E!Online is reporting that The Vampire Diaries has cast Heather Hemmens and Chris Brochu for the upcoming remaining season 5.

Hemmens, who recently appeared on Grey’s Anatomy will take on the role of Maggie, Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) love interest, while Brochu will play the fun and charming Luke, a student at Whitmore college who bonds with Elena (Nina Dobrev), Caroline (Candice Accola). But relax, Delena, Stelena, Klaroline and Forwood fans because there’s no chance for romance between Luke and one of the ladies as he’s gay. Aso, he has a secret agenda.

In addition, actor Raffi Barsoumian has been cast for a major recurring role on the show. According to Deadline,  he will play Markos, an imposing and charismatic presence with supernatural origins.

CW had given The Vampire Diaries an early renewal last week, along with its spin-off The Originals and several other of its top shows.

The Vampire Diaries returns on February 27th with the fourteenth episode of season five, ‘No Exit’.


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  • Amy Beth

    like we didn’t know gay vampire’s love Damon’s swag also. jk :)

  • Jesse

    Can we just cancel this show now.