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WATCH: Clips from unaired ‘Delirium’ TV pilot, starring Emma Roberts

February 5, 2014

The talent agency of Jeanine Mason (Hana Tate) has posted a video featuring clips from the unaired pilot based on Delirium by Lauren Oliver. The story is set in a world where love is deemed illegal and can be eradicated with a special procedure. With 95 days to go until her scheduled treatment, Lena Holoway does the unthinkable, she falls in love.

The video also included Emma Roberts starring as Lena, and short glimpses of Daren Kagasoff as Alex Sheathes and Gregg Sulkin as Julian Fineman. The pilot will ultimately never be released and will not make it’s way to the TV. We can always hope for a Delirium movie!

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  • death2analog

    They’d make more sense the other way around: Roberts as Hana and Mason as Lena… physically at least.

    I also pictured everything looking more ordered and clinical, not futuristic considering delirium is not that kind of book but definitely with more traces of this fascist government that dictates they can’t fall in love.

  • Carly

    Now I wanna see The Selection pilot clips!

  • Ashleigh King

    I cant see the video, I can only hear it?

  • Alexandra Gherghe

    This is crap!! The lines are so lame, I can’t even believe how bad they’re acting! I really was looking forward to this, but not anymore!

  • Aileen Rodriguez

    Blah, really bad acting and they’re not even close to how their characters are described in the book. No wonder it didn’t even get to air. They should’ve just made it into a movie. I already knew that even if it would’ve made it to t.v., it would’ve gotten canceled, but it didn’t even make it that far.

  • Angelina

    Honestly don’t like it… The script just isn’t captivating, and neither are the actors’ performances. Maybe it’d be better if they looked the part, but I still don’t think it’s good enough. The book was amazing but this is pretty far off. Just my opinion…

  • Divergente México

    i wanna see a movie!

  • Diana

    I’m actually glad this TV series got dropped. Bad acting and this short clip made it look more like a chick flick than anything. They’re supposed to be in a dystopian society, for heaven’s sake!

  • danielle

    Omg that’s Jeanine from So You Think you can Dance!! :)
    And I can’t say much cause I haven’t read the books, but from a tv show perspective, this does look very cheesy.

  • Ella Preuss

    I LOVE this series, and this clip tells me it was the right call to cancel it before it aired. It’s not good. I don’t like the casting, Emma as Lena just doesn’t work for me, and those scenes didn’t do Lauren’s worldbuilding justice. Still hoping for a film, though.

  • Jordan

    Holy shit….
    well we all now know why this was cancelled. I mean, I didn’t love the books but this is just plain offensive to the source material.

  • Shannon Creech

    Out of all those people, I wanted to hear Alex say something..

  • MagicReads

    I mean the acting was ok but the tone of what the TV Show could of been like was a bit more lighter and more girly then the actual book. I think the book is very dark to be honest although it has some nice scenes in yeah but its mostly dark.

  • Kels

    No wonder they didn’t pick it up. Not a very good cast aside from Emma and the script is crap.

  • Stephani watson

    I didn’t really have the much faith in the pilot by reading the script and watching the clips. All great actors i think it was just mostly the script and setting that bugged me. I really hope someone picks this up and makes it into a movie and have the chances of being better. The series is awesome

  • Jenny Na

    No, no, no. You do not want to see them. I read the script and I was disgusted. Maxon is a completely different person and I hated it. They ruined the book. Thank God it wasn’t made into a TV Show.

  • Jenny Na

    I don’t like it. It’s not dark enough, they changed too much, and the actors and actresses don’t really seem to know about the book. I guess I blame the script. They don’t seem to know about the world of Delirium.