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WATCH: We want you to see ‘Vampire Academy’!

February 15, 2014

As the title says WE WANT YOU TO SEE VAMPIRE ACADEMY! In the two videos below Christine and myself, in the first few minutes, persuade you to go see the movie! We then go on to review the movie in it’s entirety. We want a sequel to this franchise, and the only way that can be done is if you buy a ticket, and fill those movie theaters. See it again and bring friends! Tell everyone you know that it was so much fun and entertaining! We can make this happen:

Natasha’s review

Christine’s review

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Natasha is an 20 year old born and raised California girl. She fills her free time fangirling over her favorite series and actors. She loves reading, making YouTube videos, and enjoys spending time with her family, lovable fat cat, and hyper husky! Check her out on her YouTube Channel - Tashapolis

  • Ingrid

    I will definitely go see it when it comes out in England… at the end of APRIL. Why would they do this?!? I was very excited for this movie, and then to find out it comes out more than 2 months later… kind of bummed me out.

  • http://dazzlingreads.blogspot.com/ Natalia Ceitidh

    I watched it and to be honest it was just an ok movie. I wouldn`t see it again nor bring my friends to see it. Plus if it goes franchise, I wouldn`t like to see the movie in the hands of the Waters brothers again.

  • Ema Silva

    And here I thought that it was bad enough have to wait one more month to be able to see the movie. Why did they do this? It’s like torture.