The Giver

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WATCH: ‘The Giver’ trailer has been released

March 19, 2014

The first trailer for The Giver has been released! The film was produced by the Weinstein Company, and stars Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, and Brenton Thwaites. It is an adaptation of the novel by Lois Lowry.

What are you all thinking of it so far? It seems a bit colorful and…futuristic for my taste from the get go. I liked that in the book you really didn’t know where the story was taking place in time. It also seems to have aged up the main characters in order to make the film more mature and add romance. However, since this is the first trailer released (and first footage we’ve seen) I’ll hold my judgement!

What do you think of this first trailer?

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  • Maria

    I hope they keep it to the storyline of the book, like they did with the hungergames series

  • Julia

    It’s so weird… and will probably be crazy intense on screen. Hmm…

  • Haley Keller

    I’ve been a bit wary of this movie from the time we first started getting news about it. I’m still up for giving it a chance at this point, but I’m still not feeling too great about it.

  • Greenleaf17

    It’s really hard to adapt a book like the Giver, seeing as how it ended and how in the book it was black and white, but I’m open to whatever Phillip Noyce is trying to do, if we wants to add a bit more then it’s fine by me, I’ll watch it without comparing it to the book then. It also looks like the go more than the Giver, seeing what happened in the end of the trailer…

  • Kimberly Carrick

    this looks nothing like the book…at all.