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5 reasons why Chloë Grace Moretz is going to rock ‘The 5th Wave’

Chloë Grace Moretz recently officially joined The 5th Wave as Cassie Sullivan, the alien-fighting lead role of this dystopian adventure. The novel is by Rick Yancey, and the first of a series (the next book is called The Infinite Sea). This movie will be the first of a planned franchise at Sony Pictures – we think the story has all the workings of a great series of films, so we hope the first is a success so they can continue. We believe she’s going to hit the role out of the park! Read our reasons we think she’ll be a perfect Cassiopeia, below.

She knows how to give (and take) a hit:

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One of Chloë’s first starring roles was in the action film, “Kick Ass,” where she played ‘Hit Girl,’ a prepubescent, purple-wig-wearing superhero, who curses like a sailor and fights like an adrenaline-fueled ninja. In “The 5th Wave,” Cassie uses many a punch and kick to fight her way out of some tricky situations. Chances are, the movie will also lean heavily towards action sequences, à la other dystopian films of today, and I’m sure Chloë will have no troubling handling them in a way that’s as genuine and kick-butt as in the book.

She’s no stranger when it comes to book-to-movie adaptations:

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When it comes to starring in movies based on beloved books, this isn’t Chloë’s first rodeo. “Kick Ass” and “Kick Ass 2” are both based on a popular comic-book series of the same name, and in 2010, Chloë portrayed Angie Steadman in the movie-version of the best-selling middle-school series, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” She also demonstrated an impressively spot-on British accent in Martin Scorsese’s big-screen adaptation of “Hugo,” and played the telekinetic prom queen from hell in last year’s “Carrie” remake.

Her starring roles in book-to movie-adaptations will continue this summer with the release of the highly anticipated “If I Stay,” based on the best-selling book by Gayle Forman. The story centers around a teenage girl named Mia (Moretz), who is involved in a fatal car accident with her family at the start of the book. When she wakes up, Mia sees her body being lifted from the wreckage and realizes she must decide whether to stay alive, knowing how much she has lost, or move onto to the unknown.

She can handle the emotional stuff:

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Chloë isn’t just an action hero; she can bring it when it comes to the emotional side of a character as well.
In 2010, she starred as a conflicted, blood-thirsty vampire in the dark thriller, “Let Me In,” which called for a variety of different dimensions and emotions to come together in one cohesive role. Her darker turn in “Carrie” also proves she can handle the tougher aspects “The 5th Wave” film will surely demand of her character. In lesser hands, Cassie could come across as nothing more than another Katniss rip-off. But with Chloë at the helm, expect to be wowed.

She already looks like Cassie:


Unlike Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley before her, Chloë actually has the benefit of looking like her YA counterpart. In fact, Chloë matches the description of Cassie so well, our own PagetoPremiere reporter, Soraya Bouazzaoui, listed her as a top pick to play Cassie in her “5th Wave” fan-cast article.
Most surprisingly of all however, is that, unlike the usual trend of YA casting, Chloë is actually a teenager. At 17, she’s only one year off Cassie’s age, an anomaly practically unheard of in Hollywood book-to-movie adaptations these days (I’m looking at you, “The Giver”).

Sibling Bonds:


Cassie’s main goal in “The 5th Wave” is to rescue her younger brother, Sammy, from the hostile alien invaders who have taken over Earth. Because of this, a big portion of the film’s humanity will rest on the relationship between Cassie and her brother. While we don’t know just yet who will be playing Sammy in the movie, we may get a hint at just how this relationship will play out thanks to the movie version of “If I Stay.”

In “If I Stay,” Mia has a close relationship with her younger brother, Teddy, which plays a huge role in her decision of whether or not to stay. Photos from the Vancouver set have showed Chloë and Jakob Davies (who plays Teddy), laughing and joking around together as they film. Much like Katniss and Prim’s close-knit relationship did for “The Hunger Games” series, Cassie and Sammy’s sibling survival bond will be a crucial backbone to the series–that is, if the film is successful enough to become a franchise.

Do you think Chloë is going to rock The 5th Wave?

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  • Louisesaji

    Very good reasons for Chloe’s casting and the benefits to have her
    around. Her acting ability and chameleon roles experiences sure are the
    biggest assets. But like you said, it’s also a fulfilling sensation to
    finally have a real teenage actress to be a lead in a YA franchise (as
    they need few years to complete). Not to mention, it’s the first time I
    heard a top fans choice really does get cast for real! Wow.

  • Nate Blank

    I guess Chloe wont be in the new Starwars films. Shame, she really wanted to be in them. Now off to the bookstare to buy The 5th Wave. Sounds interesting.

  • Mike R

    Carrie remake fucking ruled!!!

  • http://www.coffeecraftsandclues.com/ Des Malone

    I absolutely love Chloe. I knew she was going to be huge after Kick Ass. She owns the screen. I wish her a long and illustrious career!