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Ansel Elgort talks ‘Fault in Our Stars’ gas station scene: “It wasn’t acting any more, it was just real”

In a recent interview with the LA Times, actor Ansel Elgort talked about his journey while working on The Fault in Our Stars film and revealed some behind-the-scenes details about the famous gas station scene. Plus, he talked about the original reaction from fans when he was cast, how he fell in love with the story (just like us) and the audition process.

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Many fans were upset about the casting choice when it was first announced that he would be playing Gus. Elgort explained to the LA Times: “I was on my phone nonstop, refreshing Twitter and reading all these aggressive comments. ‘Who the … is this guy?’ ‘He’s not Augustus Waters!’ ‘He’s not what he looks like at all! His eyes aren’t even blue!'”

Author John Green was also interviewed and had this to say to those doubting the casting choice: “Augustus was going to be the hardest character to cast. And I think once people see Ansel, they’ll realize there are more important things than the color of his eyes.” Green also believes: “A lot of guys that came in knew how to play cool Gus, but very few of them knew how to be fragile while still being Augustus Waters.”

(Photo by Bob Chamberlin for the Los Angeles Times)

(Photo by Bob Chamberlin for the Los Angeles Times)

Elgort fell in love with Green’s beautiful story, despite the fact that he is not an avid reader: “I was like, ‘I gotta read this … book. And I read it like a mad man. And I cried a lot, and it really hit me hard.”

The actor was also surprised his co-star, Shailene Woodley during the audition because he knew details from the book that other actors did not: “Supposedly she dominated the other guys in the audition, and I was the only guy able to dominate her a little bit. And it was all because she made me read the book. And the main reason I read it is that I knew Shailene would ask me — in front of everyone — the second I walked in the room whether I read it. And there’s no way I could lie to her face.”

Finally, Elgort talked about the famous and emotional gas station scene by revealing to the LA Times: “It was three hours of my life just losing it,” Elgort says, tearing up a bit at the memory. “I felt like a little baby again. I couldn’t stop crying, even in between takes. And it was so rewarding. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen and it just … happened. At that point, it wasn’t acting any more. It was just real. Let me tell you,” he adds, with that crooked smile, “I slept well that night.”

What do you think of the details in this interesting interview?

Do you think you are emotionally prepared for that heartbreaking scene?

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    I am so not ready for this movie… I just… ugh! This is going to be Deathly Hollows 2 all over again. Just me and a few of my friends sitting in our theater seats crying our eyes out until we are told to leave. OH THE FEELS!!!

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    No, no, I’m not ready for this movie. I’m just not prepared. My emotions will go crazy. The feels will be…THE FEELS!!!!