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Author Rainbow Rowell talks her involvement with the ‘Eleanor & Park’ movie

April 2, 2014

Earlier today it was announced that Rainbow Rowell’s beloved novel Eleanor & Park has been acquired by DreamWorks for a possible film adaptation! The internet was abuzz with the news, and the author herself took to Twitter to react and clarify her involvement with the films.

“Just to be clear: I won’t get to cast this film, or really make any of the big decisions. A film is a different THING from a book,” explained the author. “I’m more concerned about a film maintaining the spirit of Eleanor and Park. When I think about seeing two people who look like Eleanor and Park as movie protagonists, I get very emotional.”

We think that this movie, if cast right, could be a game-changer, since the characters are certainly not described like most A-list actors. We’re hoping for unknowns! She also now regrets that she didn’t write a character that could be played by Benedict Cumberbatch – wouldn’t we all, if our book was being turned into a movie? The beautiful fan-art above is by IzziBelle on DeviantArt! See all of Rainbow’s tweets below:

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  • Amelie

    Now I really need to read this one xD Thinking aboout reading it since I finished Fangirl. Never really came up though… I’ll still have to wait for the matching paperback to come out. Damn fitting book versions in my shelf -.-

  • Numra

    I’m counting on you guys to make a fan/dreamcast thing for these characters :)