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BBC and HBO adapting JK Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ for TV; casting calls begin

April 8, 2014

BBC and HBO are collaborating for the television series, The Casual Vacancy, based on the novel of the same name by J.K. Rowling. Filming from June 16 to the end of August, the casting director Lucy Bevan (Pirates of the Caribbean and Snow White and the Huntsman) has sent out casting calls for some of the young cast:

  • Fats (Male)
    15 – 16. Thin, sallow face. Funny, laconic and nonchalant. Best friends with ARF. Disrespectful of what he sees as loser parents. Pleased with himself, smokes weed. Light West Country accent.
    Playing age – 15 – 16
    Appearance – White
  • Arf (Male)
    15-16. Has a bad complexion, uncomfortable about the way he looks. Suffers at the hands of his horrible father. Keeps his pain to himself. Devotedly in love with beautiful GAIA. Light West Country accent.
    Playing age – 15 – 16
    Appearance – White
  • Paul (Male)
    12. Younger brother of ARF. Terrified of his father, and always stands to attention when he comes into the room. Arf looks after him when their father is bullying him. Light West Country accent.
    Playing age – 12
    Appearance – White
  • Krystal (Female)
    15/16. Cocky, all swagger, sass and a foul mouth. She also has the ability to melt your heart. Krystal is brave and a fighter; she is the sole carer of her heroin addict mum (Terri) and her younger brother Robbie (aged 5). A terrible fate awaits Krystal. Light West Country accent.
    Playing age – 15-16
    Appearance – White

If you are interested in any of the roles, please email with your name, age, headshot and details of any availability conflicts, as well as information of any previous acting experience by 4pm Wednesday, 9th April. Of course, we can assume that the filming will take place in the UK.

The series is directed by Jonny Campbell and adapted for screen by Sarah Phelps.

So glad to see the character descriptions have stayed true to the book, especially Krystal! The Casual Vacancy is JK Rowling’s first adult novel and, although abundant with NSFW content, is a sweeping Dickensian tale – darkly humorous and can be really depressing. I’m glad BBC and HBO are the production behind it, because these channels have the vision to do the book justice.

Are you excited to see The Casual Vacancy on TV?


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