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Fan Casting: What age route will they go down for the role of Evan Walker in The 5th Wave?

With the news of The 5th Wave’s casting finally beginning, and eager fans of the book recently discovering that the role of Cassie Sullivan had been given to Actress Chloe Grace Moretz, we at Page to Premiere wondered where this would leave the role of Evan Walker at. Being Cassie’s love interest within the novel, Evan is described to be a year or two older than our female protagonist, and with the Actress herself being 17-years-old some readers were worried about the possibility of this affecting the age restrictions of the actor for Evan.

However many argue that despite being 17-years-old that this should not affect casting in the slightest, as Saoirse Ronan had been 17 herself when filming The Host, and both actors of her characters’ love interests – Max Irons and Jake Abel – had both been in their late twenties. As well as Moretz sharing an on screen kiss with 25-year-old Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

However, this doesn’t calm all fans worries, which is why today we have brought forward a selection of fan-casts, both young and old, who could be possible contenders for the role of Evan Walker.

The question is just how complex and difficult would it be to portray Evan Walker, is he one that emanates so much masculinity that it is dire to cast an older actor capable of portraying this? – Much like Theo James and the character of Four, or is he simply a troubled and conflicted teenage boy, wise and knowledgeable due to what he truly is, that any actor would be able to adapt to it?

Nick Robinson

nick ptp

We begin with the 19-year-old Actor Nick Robinson, being in the younger catergory, Nick has not been in much work but is said to be an up & coming Actor to keep an eye out for the the next year or so. Robinson’s biggest role will be in the fourth installment ‘Jurassic World’, part of the Jurassic Park movies. He stars as one of the lead characters, along with ‘Eclipse’ star Bryce Dallas-Howard and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Actor Chris Pratt. Despite looking fairly young, Robinson is in fact older than the character of Evan Walker, and does contain some of his physical features.

Callan McAuliffe

callan ptp

Now this is an Actor that I have no qualms about, in fact, I’m slowly warming to him as a possible Evan Walker. Mostly known for his roles in ‘I Am Number Four’ as well as a young Jay Gatsby in ‘The Great Gatsby’, the 19-year-old actor manages to withhold an air of authority around him, or for lack of better words, the manliness that seems to radiate off of Evan when being around Cassie. His visibly younger yes, and not what I had personally originally envisioned, yet the same could be said for Chloe Grace Moretz, and I think if given the opportunity he could surprise many with a role like this.

Beau Mirchoff

beau ptp

We now move on to older fan-casts, now this is one that has been circulating the blogosphere when in regards to Evan Walker, and it is not unjustified. He is not far fetched in age compared to Chloe, being 25-years-old and the same age as her co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Being another actor from the adaptation of ‘I Am Number Four’, Beau is also well known for his role of Matty in the TV Series ‘Awkward’, we’ve seen a fair amount of him on screen, and managed to grasp some idea of his acting skills. Beau is talented, as well as physically appearing similar to Evan Walker, we have seen his slightly aggressive and dominant side, which could come in handy to the [spoiler] Silencer aspect of Evan Walker, but is also prone to showing a softness and vulnerability in some of his work, which is perfect when likening it to Evan’s behaviour around Cassie as well as his devotion and affection for her.

Drew Roy

drew ptp

Now this is a heavily suggested fan-cast, and one I have seen through Tumblr and Twitter many, many times. I understand it, I do. For those who are fans of Drew Roy’s show ‘Falling Skies’ many would see the similarities between his character Hal Mason and Evan Walker, as well as the fact that both characters are surviving a post-apocalyptic alien invasion. I even find myself rooting for him, despite being 27-years-old Drew Roy plays a very believeable 16-year-old boy, one who has barely escaped the annihilation of his race, and has learned to not only defend himself, but has become apart of the resistance to beat the alien invaders. Now in regards to the ‘silencer’ aspect of Evan Walker, that is another fact that puts Drew as a strong contender for the role, as his character suffers similar things during the third season. It proves not just Drew’s impressive acting capability with a plot such as that, but also a deep understanding and possible connection to the character of Evan.

Is it experience and age that should determine what route Sony should go down in order to cast Evan, or simply just good acting? Someone with less experience and younger in age doesn’t necessarily mean they would not perform as well with the role. After all, acting comes down to pure raw talent, a talent that Moretz has proved to have with her young age time, and time again.

How do you think the studio should move forward with this? Comment below and give us your opinions as well as possible suggestions for the role of Evan Walker!

Soraya is a 20 year-old that has a love for all fictional books, as well as film, a hell of a lot of TV-Shows and for the Page to Premiere site. She's currently studying English Literature at University, and hopes to become an editor within the Publishing Industry someday, and hopefully an author. When she's not on the site posting all things YA, she's on Twitter freaking out about her favourite fandoms. Follow @runnersmaze to join her!

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  • Karmen Mayte

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    Gaspard Ulliel, Liam Hemsworth and Sam Claflin would do justice to it. But I quite like Beau.

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