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First ‘City of Lost Souls’ read-along discussion post on chapters 1-10

April 27, 2014

The first City of Lost Souls read-along discussion post is up! As some of you know, we are doing a City of Lost Souls read-along in honor of the final installment of The Mortal Instruments series coming out on May 27th.

Each week on Sunday we will upload a post, such as this one, and if you are participating in this read-along we would love for you to chat about the book with us! This week’s discussion post is all about chapters 1-10.

Some of the Page to Premiere writers started off the discussion and we hope you join in, in the comment section below!



Tanvi: So I just opened my book and first of all I LOVE THE COVER. I just happen to ship Jace and Clary a bit too much so nothing makes me happier! And the first chapter also has the “He’d burn the whole world down till he could dig you out of the ashes” line. Man, I just love this book.

Miranda: I felt so bad for Simon! We always knew his mother was a little crazy, but accusing Simon of killing the real Simon? Harsh! I do love how badass Clary becomes in this book. Her fight with Sebastian is probably my favorite Clary moment of all time. It’s so epic!

Sasha: I totally agree with you Miranda! I felt so bad for Simon especially at the start of CoLS when he burned his hand on the Star of David!

Miranda: Yes! But then again, maybe it was payback for juggling two girls in City of Fallen Angels (:

Sasha: Oh Simon, hopefully he learned his lesson!

Sasha: Did anyone catch Julian Blackthorn showing up on page 27? He is one of the main characters in The Dark Artifices, Cassie’s new Shadowhunter series!

Tanvi: Yes! I love how we know him just as Jules for now. And, how he innocently takes Clary’s mind stark to Sebastian and all the mess. Connecting the dots now, you know how important the kid is, and the way he’s so observant – AND that he values his siblings.

Miranda: I’m really excited to read more about Julian in TDA, I love when he asks Clary if she’s sad because she doesn’t have any siblings. We haven’t really seen a cute little kid like that since *sniffles* Max.



Summery of chapters 1-10:

The first chapter of City of Lost Souls starts off with Simon Lewis visiting his house where his mother lives. It then switches to Clary’s POV and she is waiting for the council meeting to determine what course of action to take with the disappearance of Jace. Turns out that the Clave all but dismisses Jace’s case because there are more important matters to attend to. Clary doesn’t like this so she goes to the Seelie Court for an alternate course of action. The Seelie Queen said she would help assist her in finding Jace but Clary has to do something for her first, steal two golden faerie rings from the institute. Clary agrees and as she is stealing the rings from the institute Jace and Sebastian show up looking for a summoning book. Later on in chapter five Jace shows up at Clary’s house telling her to come with him and Sebastian. A showdown occurs when Sebastian shows up between Jocelyn, Clary, Luke, Jace and Sebastian which leads to Jace and Sebastian escaping and Luke getting injured. In chapter seven Clary tells Simon about her plan to find Jace and bring him back, Simon, after much deliberation agrees to help her using the faerie rings. Clary then portals to Luke’s house where she waits for Jace to find her. Isabelle and Simon have some very sweet moments in these chapters, one includes Simon telling Isabelle a fairy tale (so cute!). Chapter eight starts off with Maia and Jordan then transitions to Clary. Clary wakes up in an unfamiliar place, who knows where and quickly figures out wherever she is, Jace is there too. Her assumptions are right but wherever Jace is, so is Sebastian. Isabelle and Jocelyn visit the Iron Sisters at the end of the chapter. Magnus decides to raise the demon Azazel in chapter nine. Along with that, Jocelyn finally realizes that Clary is not in New York anymore. Jace and Clary have some one on one time in chapter ten and go on a boat ride together which is oh so sweet, besides the fact that Jace isn’t totally himself.


What are your thoughts on the past 10 chapters and what do you think will happen later on in City of Lost Souls? Tell us below!


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  • Brandon Meacham

    I’m more interested in Clary and Jace’s pov, The finding of the detaching weapon and Simon and Izzy’s relationship. But the werewolf scenes made me doze a bit.

  • Jessica Sturgill

    Simon has it pretty rough, not really fitting in anywhere. I hope when he finally talks to his sister she don’t freak out on him like his mother did. I think he’s going to need something normal in his life, in order to continue to be the Simon we know and love. It was interesting to learn there had been another daylighter, I wonder if we will find out anymore about him or her. Something I am having a hard time wrapping my head around is Alec actually considering turning Magnus mortal. I think this is something they should talk about, but I feel like Alec is going to do it behind his back. Which is not going to turn out good for their relationship. And Clary not giving those rings to the Sellie Queen and using them, is not gonna make the queen happy. I am sure she’s not gonna let that slide.

  • Jessica Sturgill

    While I found them wolves pov a bit slow, I was happy to see Maia and Jordan rekindling their relationship….but they need to get that salve back to Luke.

  • Jeremy Chenevert

    best book in the series so far

  • WarlockBane

    The first 10 chapters are great which is why I love CoLS so much and love every bit of them. Maia and Jordan are sweet , and of course I am a werewolf lover so I enjoy their side-story along with the main :) It’s nice to see them rekindling and it also helps Simon out in choosing Isabelle instead of Maia since she’s starting to forgive Jordan :)