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‘Flowers in the Attic’ sequel: first photos and promo video

April 1, 2014

Cathy and Christoper are all grown up, and hoping they’ve put the traumatizing events from ten years ago behind them. Lifetime released new images for ‘Petals on the Wind’, the sequel to ‘Flowers in the Attic’ by V.C. Andrews.

The adaptation of ‘Flowers in the Attic’ brought on nostalgia, stirring same feelings of controversy the book first brought thirty five years ago when it was published (1979). Despite mixed feelings, the TV-movie drew a robust 6.1 million viewers, which was the channel’s biggest success since Oct. 2012. Due to it’s success, Lifetime is developing two more books in the Dollanganger series, ‘If There Be Thorns’ and ‘Seeds of Yesterday’.

The sequel, ‘Petals on the Wind’ has signed Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn to reprise their roles as the kids’ mother, Corrine and grandmother, Olivia who kept them locked away in the attic for more than two years. The Dollanganger kids’ parts have been recast featuring now Rose McIver (recently played Tinker Bell on ABC’s Once Upon A Time) as adult Cathy, Bailey Buntain (Ginny from ABCFamily’s Bunheads) has been cast as Carrie, and Wyatt Nash will be Christopher (played Jenna’s arm candy Nigel Wright on Pretty Little Liars).

Thirty four years after being published (1980), they will be re-issuing ‘Petals on the Wind’ in paperback and ebook with a new media tie-in cover. It will be released June 17, 2014.

With the promo video starting to circulate, not really revealing much as of yet, these two new images give us a glimpse of the new cast. The first is of the blue-eyed Dollanganger family–if a picture could speak a thousand words. The second is of Cathy and her abusive dancer paramour Julian (Will Kemp 90210), a relationship that leads her to confront the forbidden romance she had with her brother in the first film. Thanks Entertainment Weekly for the tip!

Lifetime Movie Synopsis: A decade after Cathy, Christopher, and Carrie escaped from their grandparents’ attic at Foxworth Hall, ‘Petals on the Wind’ continues to follow the twisted plight of the family as they attempt to put their sordid past behind them, but soon discover certain secrets can’t be left behind. When Cathy finds herself in an abusive relationship with a fellow dancer, Julian, Christopher and Cathy are forced to face the forbidden feelings they developed for one another while coming of age during captivity. But when tragedy strikes the Dollangangers once again, Cathy returns to Foxworth Hall to confront her grandmother and seek revenge on her mother with a plan to seduce her husband Bart (Dylan Bruce, Orphan Black). When Christopher runs to Cathy’s side, the two are determined to start over again – together.



‘Petals on the Wind’ is set to air Memorial Day, May 26th. Here’s the short promo video released on Lifetime Network.

Petals On the Wind first promo from Denise Luna on Vimeo.

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  • A Cat

    Chris and Cathy give you so many mixed feelings. You’re like, “YES BE TOGETHER” but the other half of you is like, “no, that’s not normal”.