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‘The Maze Runner’ WonderCon Recap – New Trailer and Heart-Pumping Clip Shown

April 19, 2014

Hey everyone! Today I was in attendance at WonderCon in order to cover the awesomeness explosion that was The Maze Runner press line, conference, and panel. This is the first real big publicity appearance for the movie, and a ton of great information was shared. I was lucky enough to secure a one on four interview with James Dashner (author), Wes Ball (director), Dylan O’Brien (Thomas), and Will Poulter (Gally), and I also chatted with Dylan O’Brien one on one on the press line.

At the actual panel in the arena we got a NEW TRAILER and an absolutely awesome NEW CLIP! See a few photos from the event below, plus recaps of both the clip and the trailer. Keep in mind that we weren’t allowed to record at all, so this is all from memory regarding something that happened a few hours ago. I did tweet a few lines right after so I have some down exactly, but a few may be different due to my brain meddling things in the interim. Stay tuned for our interviews with the team behind this film later tonight, and on Monday.

New Trailer Focuses On How Thomas Is Different

I’m hoping this trailer will be released online, because it was absolutely epic. It started out pretty similarly to the first trailer, so I thought it was the same one at first…but no! Instead of just watching Thomas rise up in the elevator to the Glade, you hear a voiceover from Thomas talking about trying to get out of the maze from later in the film while you watch him come up. We see the doors open again, and the line from Gally, “Rise and shine.” A new scene is featured right after Thomas arrives, in which he’s laying near the maze doors and begs fellow Gladers to allow him to escape. He has not learned about the Grievers at this point, because he says, “You can’t just keep me here!” Alby responds, “We can’t let you leave.” Gosh Thomas, don’t you know that if you try to escape before you’re ready you’ll be stung by a Griever? That wouldn’t be ideal!

Mainly this new trailer expands on what we saw in the first. We see a new clip from Teresa, in which she says a new line. It’s rather strange to hear Kaya Scodelario with an American accent if you’re used to seeing her on Skins! The Grievers are mentioned a few times by name, and Newt says, “They’re grievers,” after we see an eerie new shot focused on a creepy and slithering Griever limb. The new line in which he is explaining grievers is an extension of this scene we saw in the first trailer where Newt is also explaining the maze to Thomas:

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We also see more of the trailer devoted to the fact that Thomas is different. “You’re different, you’re curious,” says Alby at one point in the trailer. “This is the first clue we’ve had in ages, and you found it,” mentions Minho in another scene. Thomas is focused on escape, while many of the other Gladers seem to be more complacent with their lot in life. “You don’t understand, we’re already dead,” says Minho at another portion of the trailer. The trailer closes with a voiceover in which Thomas explains that no, he NEEDS to escape, and they need to “find out what they’re really up against.” It closes in the same fashion as the first trailer, with Thomas squeezing through the maze doors in order to go out into the maze and find Alby and Minho.

Action-Packed New Clip Featuring Minho and Thomas

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This clip totally blew my socks off. Before it began, director Wes Ball explained that he really wanted to feature the fact that James mentions that the maze “changes” at various points, which makes it extremely difficult to find a way out. “I wanted to actually see that maze change!” said Ball, excitedly. The clip then started, which features the scene in the image above.

This clip starts off with Minho and Thomas deep in a tunnel-like area of the maze. “What the hell is this place?” asks Thomas. There’s a circular opening and a red light is shining out, which seems to be some type of scanner. “Grievers?” asks Minho. Pretty soon they realize that they need to get out of there fast, since the whole area is closing up. So, as the title says, they have to RUN! The film is definitely aptly titled since our two stars in this scene have to run for their lives at 100% speed for the entire clip. The scale of everything in this clip is just immense, and it shows how much they’re opening up the world in this movie, taking inspiration from James Dashner’s words and going past them.

Small walls pop up in the tunnel and they make their way out, to an area with lots of different pieces of metal sticking up. You can see a glimpse of this set in the first trailer, see the image below:

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Those pieces of metal start to spin, and Minho finds his way through them, but the timing is off for Thomas. He can’t run fast enough to get past a piece of metal before it spins and closes off into a solid wall, but eventually speeds up just enough to make it to the other side. Minho and Thomas collide together, and they grab each other and stumble due to the surge of stress and adrenaline they’re experiencing. Huge walls begin to start falling down and what looks like either a wave of water or just a ton of rubble comes their way. Minho leads them up the wall and they climb into a ledge between two pieces of concrete, and squirm through, then fall down on the other side…where all is quiet. The tunnel ledge between the two pieces of concrete falls together right afterwards – if they had been any slower, they would have been squished.

Minho and Thomas fall to the ground and look at each other in shock, then in an adorable and Dylan O’Brien-esque moment that reminds me of Stiles, he falls off his elbows that he’s been leading on and just lands on his back and grunts in shock. The audience laughs. “Boy, that was intense,” he seems to be saying with his body language, and we agree.

Wes Ball, James Dashner, Dylan O’Brien, and Will Poulter:





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