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Top 10 most heartbreaking moments of the first ‘If I Stay’ trailer

The first official If I Stay trailer was released Tuesday night, and it definitely made us emotional. We wanted to share our top ten most heartbreaking moments shown in the trailer. Check out our list below:


 Top five most heartbreaking  moments by Yaunna Sommersby

If I Stay was one of my favorite books and I could not put it down! Gayle Forman’s narrative choice is quiet unique because Mia is seeing the world around her through an out-of-body experience. The trailer  highlights the emotional aspects very well and brings the tragic nature of the story to light. However, it also touches on the messages of love, strength, and family the Forman addresses.

1. Mia realizes the devastation of the car accident.

Mia’s story really starts to take a turn for the worst after her family gets into a devastating car accident. The unique narrative of the story allows Mia to have an out-of-body experience. Through this experience, she realizes exactly what she has lost.

2. Adam and Kim arrive at the hospital.

Adam is Mia’s boyfriend and Kim is her best friend, needless to say they are two important people in Mia’s life. They are very worried about her through the whole story and it is so emotional seeing them actually arrive at the hospital.

3. Adam “can’t lose” Mia.

Adam is explaining to Kim how devastating it would be to lose Mia and says: “I can’t lose her.” Can you say tearjerker?

4. Adam begs Mia to stay.

Once again, another tear-inducing moment in which Adam is sitting next to Mia’s hospital bed begging her to stay. I cannot handle the emotions!

5. Kim, Mia’s grandparents, and Adam are her family too.

There is also a moment when Kim is sitting next to Mia’s hospital bed explaining that she still has a reason to stay. Kim is reminding Mia that she has Adam, her grandparents, and her as family now. Give me a second, I am sobbing in the corner.


 Top five most heartbreaking  moments by Kimmy West

I was actually sent the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman back when the film was in the pipeline at Summit Entertainment, and Dakota Fanning was attached to play Mia. After watching the trailer (and tearing up, I might add) I was inspired to finally read the book! It is absolutely gripping, and it’s interesting reading the book after I’ve seen the trailer but without watching the entire film. I’m imagining Jamie Blackley and Chloe Moretz as Mia and Adam!

1. The nurse tells Mia that it’s her decision if she wants to live or die.

This just crushed me, since it really captures the spirit of the entire story and the look on Mia’s face afterwards is heartbreaking. It makes you just realize the gravity of the entire situation, and how hopeless she feels.

2. Sometimes you make choices, and sometimes choices make you.

This quote just really hits home, because sometimes you really don’t have a choice in the matter. Just like how Mia thinks to herself, while in the helicopter remembering Kim’s advice about staying off of them if she doesn’t want to puke. Sometimes…choices make you and you just have to live with what happens, and it just…sucks.

3. Why do I feel like you’re going to ruin my whole life?

Ugh. They just look so happy. I can’t handle this! Too many feels! Just knowing what’s actually going on while seeing them so happy just breaks my heart.

4. You’re the same you that I fell in love with.

Adam adorably explains to Mia that she doesn’t have to worry about “which Mia” he likes better, all the facets of her are part of the person that he fell in love with. MY HEART.

5. Adam sticks Juiliard’s celling up in Mia’s room.

This really just captures the deepness of Mia and Adam’s relationship, and is a truly touching moment. I feel like most people want an Adam that would do something like this for them, after seeing this clip. Then, seeing Mia look up during her audition…so touching.

Click here to watch the first If I Stay trailer!

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  • Kimmy West

    That’s included in the “sometimes choices make you” part! It was all flashy and I couldn’t decide if I should put in a still of his birth, or Mia getting the cello.

  • Kimmy West

    Basically the entire trailer is ALL THE FEELS actually, haha.

  • DesMarie

    I love this SO much! So good! These are all my favorites too! Oh the heart crushing feels. Trailer inspired me to read this book ASAP!

  • Jordan

    This trailer blew me AWAY!!! I loved it so much

  • http://thecalvertwebzine.com/ Katy K.

    I sobbed like a baby when I watched the trailer with my Mum and Dad. My mum hasn’t read it yet but she cried with me and my Dad was like I’m so lost what is happening. My Mum was like how can you be lost it’s so self explanatory.

  • Nahomy Garcia

    I think every second of this trailer was extremely sad… :”(