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WATCH: Sam Claflin (Finnick) says he’s “best mates” with Annie Cresta actress Stef Dawson

In this new interview with Digital Spy from the junket of Sam Claflin’s latest film ‘The Quiet Ones’, he talks getting to know his co-star Stef Dawson who plays Finnick’s Annie Cresta! Apparently, they met at the ‘Catching Fire’ premiere, and became “best mates” over twitter before stepping onto the ‘Mockingjay’ set.

“We got in touch via tweet immediately when the news broke,” revealed Claflin. “The moment she set foot on the Mockingjay set, the two of us are like best of mates. She’s great.”

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  • Danielle Lowry

    So they didn’t know each other at all before she was cast? They didn’t do a chemistry read? I wish they had just cast his beautiful wife or something, she looks more like Annie in my opinion.
    They just had to do the little mermaid look that everyone likes to give Annie even though she isn’t described that way.