Anna Todd’s Harry Styles fanfic ‘After’ to be published by Simon & Schuster

May 29, 2014

It’s official! Anna Todd’s Harry Styles story After is the little fanfiction that could. Not only has it surpassed all other well known fanfictions before they were edited and published in readings by hundreds of millions, (yes you read that correctly; hundreds of millions,) but the movie rights to it have also been obtained before it was even published! Though that will soon be reality. Yes, that’s right: Simon & Schuster have picked up the rights to and are publishing the After series. I’m sure that none of this passed through the mind of Anna Todd when she wrote the first chapter of After in 2013 in “about five minutes” as she answered on her Twitter that “no one read at first” and now she’s made a deal with Simon & Schuster for a six figure deal for her beloved series to be published. It wasn’t until the first book reached around chapter 20-30 that everyone started to notice and fall in love with the story. The first book will be published in November of this year with the following two books in the series released subsequently in January and March of 2015.

To some fans dismay, the books will, of course, be edited. No surprise there. Every book is edited no matter where it originated from. Though, this one will need a little more work than just grammatical corrections. The names of the members of One Direction will have to be changed for obvious reasons. Many were troubled over the fact that Tessa and Harry will no longer have their famous ship name “Hessa” anymore after the name change, though Anna has since confirmed that Harry’s new name will also begin with an ‘H’ and that she is very happy with it. Along with the great news that the leading lady will keep the same name!

Anna has confirmed that scenes will be added to the physical versions of the series, but has not confirmed any other major details. Though, she reassured everyone on her Twitter account that as soon as she can she will share more news about the books and movie, including but not limited to what the new names of the characters will be! It has also been confirmed that the original versions of the series will remain on Wattpad.

Todd has confirmed that she will begin another series once she is fully done with the After series that is “sort of” fanfiction. The After series technically contains four books: After, After 2, After 3 (that only has two more chapters left until completion) and a prequel Before that is told from Harry’s point of view and has yet to be posted. It will consist of about twenty chapters. Once the first book is published, Anna has said that she will attend plenty of signings for the book!

What do y’all think of After being published?

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  • Amelia B

    I’m sorry this is just so weird and I feel so sorry for Harry Styles at the moment. I know celebrities don’t really care about fanfiction but this is getting published and it’s just really weird ok/

  • Glaciusx

    what the hell. that’s it….i’m so done right now.

  • Sawsan

    It’s not actually about Harry Stiles. The author just used the likeness and names of celebrities to cast her own story . It may not be the best story, but it is her own. A lot of readers are always naming the celebrities they would cast in the movie version of books or imagine certain celebrities to put a face to the characters. She just did it in a way that helped her visualize her characters. The amazing thing about this is that she just typed a chapter every few days and posted as she wrote and so many people just read her story and liked it. I say good for her.

  • Sawsan

    It’s not actually about Harry Stiles. He doesn’t sing and he’s not in a band. She just used some celebrities to cast her story about college students. His character is actually kind of ridiculous and has so many temper tantrums you don’t know if you should be annoyed with the story or laugh at his behavior. I don’t like people who destroy or damage other people’s property just because they’re mad like his character did every five minutes. Still, I couldn’t help but keep reading so there is that.

  • Sawsan

    Oh and I like your profile picture. Did you draw it yourself?

  • BrandiMarie88

    I’m fairly certain I’ll be making a video response about this. So… so … so much to say.

  • Tara Hardy

    Well, technically it is about Harry Styles, being a fanfiction story and all.

  • Elizabeth

    I think it’s a sad reflection on our society that people would rather read bad fan fiction ( 50 Shades of Grey is another prime example)instead of giving talented authors a chance. There are so many writers who are genuinely very good, and they have unique and well-thought out stories, but they can’t get published because crappy fan fiction is easier to sell.

    And it is slightly disturbing that she wrote fan-fiction based on a real person. Harry Styles may be a celebrity, but he is still human.

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  • Amelia B

    It’s super depressing when well loved books like Anna and the French Kiss don’t get a movie and yet fanfiction about a real life person does. And along with your original point–it doesn’t take an indie bookstore to find unknown authors. A goodreads account will find you recommendations.