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Book Beats: 5 fan-favorite songs from recent YA adaptations

May 1, 2014

This week is a YA themed spin on Book Beats. Young Adult adaptation soundtracks are known for their new artist favoritism putting emphasis on a new sound for a new franchise. However, some of the time old favorites overshadow these gems leaving only the true soundtrack listeners to find them. Here are five of our favorite YA songs from great new artists including a special fan-favorite.


1. Start a Riot by Jetta

“Stealing the dark, erasing the shadows…”

Jetta was definitely new to the scene when she showed up on the soundtrack but she was a welcome edition. She adds a shadowhunter edge but without giving up meaningful lyrics that are reminiscent of the Jace and Clary relationship.


2. Elastic Heart by Sia feat. The Weeknd & Diplo

“And I know that I can survive, I’ll walk through fire to save my life.”

While Sia isn’t a completely unknown she is usually the writer and producer of the music rather than the musician while Diplo and The Weeknd are steadily gaining popularity. This song could easily be Katniss’ theme song with it’s grit and the ever present desire to survive.


3. Slowly Freaking Out by Skylar Grey

And I’m fighting a stranger in my eyes, and I know that only one of us will survive.”

This was a requested song and we can see why, Skylar Grey may have been perfect at creating a song that captures Melanie’s and Wanda’s unique situation. There aren’t very many great songs to listen to that can be both specific to sci-fi and translatable to an audience.


4. Fight for You by Pia Mia feat. Chance the Rapper

“And the day is gonna come, when you decide who you’ll become.”

Another team that is slowly catching more and more listeners. The song is a perfect fit for a dystopian landscape with an electronic sound and great vocals.


5. Bela Lugosi’s Dead by CHVRCHES

“Strewn with time’s dead flowers, bereft in deathly bloom.”

The much requested song and it fits perfectly into this category. While it is a cover of a song originally done by Bauhaus, CHVRCHES breathes new life into it. Puns intended. Bela Lugosi is known for playing the original Dracula back in the 30’s and as we know from Rose Hathaway’s introductory monologue Vampire Academy isn’t just another sparkly vampire movie.

What are your favorite YA adaptation tracks from new artists?

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