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Exclusive: Shailene Woodley is dyeing her hair blonde for ‘Insurgent’ tomorrow (May 5th)!

May 4, 2014

Today during my interview with Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley at The Fault in Our Stars press conference, Shailene Woodley told me that she is getting her hair dyed blonde to portray Tris Prior in the Divergent sequel, Insurgent!

I didn’t get this on camera because it was right as she sat down. However, right when Shailene sat next to me on the swing, she said, “I’m going to have hair like yours tomorrow!” My reaction was, “What?!” obviously, because I have a pixie cut that is bleach blonde. “You’re going to dye your hair blonde?” She replied, to the effect of (this is not an exact quote): “Yes! I’m going back to Tris’ blonde hair tomorrow for Insurgent!”

So, stay tuned, everyone. When you see Shailene Woodley at The Fault in Our Stars #DemandOurStars tour stops the next few days, and at the premiere on June 2nd, she’ll be back to Tris’ golden tresses. Say goodbye to the Hazel hair! I’m looking forward to seeing what Beatrice Prior’s Insurgent hair will look like – she cuts it in the beginning of the book so she doesn’t have hair as long as it was in the first movie, but I’m expecting they’ll add a bit of hair in a weave or with extensions to make her chopped style a little more lengthy than Shailene has it currently. I’m expecting a bob!

Our full video interview from the press junket will be released soon!

What do you think Beatrice Prior’s Insurgent hair will look like?

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