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Harald Zwart is reportedly no longer attached to direct ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes’

Reports are emerging that Harald Zwart is no longer signed on to direct The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes. Unfortunately, there have been no official reports stating that the film will actually go back into production and we anticipate it will stay in limbo.

Therefore, we feel that this means he is simply dropping out because the production has been stalled for so long. We also believe that, due to the first film not making enough money, the second film will not be made. Stay tuned for more news as official reports may be released.

Thank you to TMI Source for the tip!

If production resumes, who do you think should direct City of Ashes?

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  • https://twitter.com/J_DeBrae710 James DeBrae

    Francis Lawrence or Neil Burger. They know how to do a book-to-movie adaptation. Francis Lawrence was so damn accurate and Neil Burger made a great dystopian movie.

  • Irey21

    Sadly Neil Burger won’t be directing Insurgent.

  • Jordan

    Good. I was so angry with the CoB movie. I hope the writer is no longer attached either.

  • allegra

    thank god he is gone


    They should not even dare think about cutting it. IF they do,there had been no point in the first movie’s making. I want to see all of them. Perhaps Francis Lawrence is the right choice here.

  • Revy Chris

    Anyone except Michael Bay

  • Tara Snell

    I love City of Bone when it came out and I loved the movie that’s bc I was not a fan of the books at that time or have even heard about them his really is bad news I think that Harald Zwart did really good on this movie and just some how City of Ashes will be made just can’t wait anymore longer

  • Lev Zetlin

    YES! I hope we get someone really good like how Francis Lawrence was for The hunger games franchise! I’m a strong believer in having a different director in each book to movie adaptation in a franchise so we can see who brought the world to life better

  • Paula b

    okay I would want the animators and designers for avatar (the one with blue people) be the the animators for city of ashes, for the demons I think they would do great. And I hope the movie keeps going on because I want to see if they can do better from the first attempt, but I want Francis Lawrence to take this project because I think he would do a good job

  • Ananya Subramani

    Francis wouldn’t do it…I’m sorry but the source material won’t suit his style…

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  • Ulpius Éva

    Roland Emerich of course :)