Latest from ‘Mockingjay’ Set: Jennifer Lawrence is all smiles, and Finnick protects Katniss from Peeta

Our latest images from the set of Mockingjay in Paris are here! They just keep on coming, and huge thanks to Panem Propoganda for always being so speedy with them. These pictures are the happiest from the lot! So much adorable camaraderie! Finnick also gets to protect Katniss from Peeta, so you can see Sam Claflin getting some on-screen action:











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  • ernest schoenmakers

    In the other picture from the falling scene it looked like they used a stuntdouble for Jennifer but i don’t think so and i guess the wig Jennifer is wearing will be processed in some kind of way that you won’t see it in the movie.

  • sharlynify .

    Already read what will happen!Mocking jay part 1 is going to be release this year. Waiting for that :D and Part 2 next year Nov 2015 :/ will have to wait a lot! Katniss & Peeta forever <3

  • Skylar T

    For the THG and CF they all wanted to do their own stunts and Gary and Francis both let them do most of them, im pretty sure its just the wig that made it look like that.

  • ernest schoenmakers

    I guess so too.