Mockingjay set photos - #40

Mockingjay Set Photos: Squad 451 engages in battle and tries to help an injured Boggs

The cast of Mockingjay has been very busy on set in Paris, France as the film scenes that are supposed to be in the Capitol. New photos have emerged from filming today (May 13) and it looks like they were filming some very intense scenes! There are photos of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) running with Gale (Liam Hemsworth) to help an injured Boggs (Mahershala Ali) after a bombing accident.

There are also some images that give us a closer look at Natalie Dormer as Cressida and Elden Henson as Pollux! Plus, in some of the photos Jennifer seems to be giving Josh an eskimo kiss on his chin! Do you think this is them in character or are they just up to their regular goofy antics? Check out all of the photos below and let us now what you think! (Thank you to Mockingjay Updates for sharing!)

Mockingjay set photos - #1

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  • Chelsea Leach

    So psyched!! Comic-con cannot get her fast enough!!

  • Sophia

    Oh. My. God. I seriously can’t wait for this movie!
    Are Katniss and Peeta kissing??? That part doesn’t come up until they’re in the tunnels??? and I love how that guy is just brushing Jen’s butt.

  • Guillermo Peralta

    noticed on boggs legs with blue socks,,maybe its when SPOILERS ALERT he accidentally step off a mine pod and his legs were blown off …should be some cgi effects has something to do with that….

  • Amalia Morgenstern

    wow so true! Haha CGI socks, i you’ve ever wondered how they make limbs disappear!

  • Amalia Morgenstern

    Anyone else think Josh’s/Peeta’s hair looks kind of badly dyed??

  • ernest schoenmakers

    I don’t know, but do you know about any stills of D13 or Johanna Mason, cause they’re nowhere to find?

  • Bookbrews

    Jennifer’s wig is distracting. It’s like Kristen’s hair in Eclipse all over again. But great pics! :D

  • Guillermo Peralta

    yeah,,thats the one i noticed first,, his limbs will disappear thru cgi effects.. im just curious why boggs wear blue socks??,,and then it came up to the conlcusion,,that his legs would be bloody and nasty,,lol

  • Guillermo Peralta

    agree,,i dont like her wearing wig,, i like her on the hunger games,, her hair was natural, dark brown,, and if we noticed at the beginning of catching fire,,she was wearing wig in that scene at the lake with gale,,,

  • Guillermo Peralta

    me too,,im hungry for stills of johanna mason,,, i luv her,,,

  • ernest schoenmakers

    Finally someone agrees with me cause there should be pics from D13 or Johanna who’s my fav. tribute and someone told me that there are pics of D13 but maybe they aren’t posted yet on What’s your opinion on this?

  • Andy

    i was quite worried they were going to cut out Boggs legs being blown off. because its a bit extremely gory as is most of the 2nd half of Mockingjay. But i’m very happy to see its being left in.

  • Jordan

    Jen’s hair is so annoying….

  • Tamina D

    Yes, it doesn’t look natural as it did in the first two films :-/ And Jen’s wig is bad! But hair aside, i can’t wait for november 2014/15 to come quick enough … i’m gonna have to read the books for the 10th time ….

  • Guillermo Peralta

    its too early my friend,,,, i know,,we all want to be surprised,,me too,, maybe in th next coming months perhaps… we don’t know,,but we are expecting,,,even a single shot of johanna mason,,, i will be more than happy,,,hahah

  • ernest schoenmakers

    You make me happy and i noticed you’re a big fan too of Johanna, so i don’t feel alone in this. I really hope they give Jena Malone who’s my #1 actress enough screentime in the 2 Mockingjays otherwise i would be angry with Francis. Jena is such a great artist and sweetheart in real life, but did you notice that they did the same in Catching Fire to keep it

  • ernest schoenmakers

    a secret about Johanna Mason?

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