The Mortal Instruments


Simon and Maia Illustrated on the inside of ‘City of Heavenly Fire’

With the last book in The Mortal Instrument’s series being released on May 27th, TMISource have released artwork from the inside cover of City of Heavenly Fire which includes ‘Alec, Isabelle, Sebastian, Simon and Maia’. Showcasing today is Simon and Maia, artist Cliff Nielsen has drawn a detailed image of the two Downworlders and shows them both looking sullen, injured even, as if in the midst of battle.


This incredible illustration shows a dishevelled Simon, with a torn shirt and usual geeky but extremely cool glasses. There’s something about this image that shows Simon looking much older, even though we all know that ageing, will be the least of his worries.


This is the first image of Maia, of course she was not seen in City of Bones so the fan’s have been excitedly waiting to see if she is how they pictured. It’s great to see another protagonist female figure in what seems to be the year for YA novels.


Character quotes from City of Heavenly Fire

“Some people see a power vacuum and they want to fill it. They don’t care who they hurt.”

— Maia

“’Kind of looks like something out of World of Warcraft, doesn’t it?’ he said, gesturing around them at the blasted landscape, the ash-torn sky. ‘Only, you can’t just turn it off to get away.’”

— Simon

“Strength is loyalty and unity, not dividing people with lies.”

— Maia

“Eveyone should die with someone holding onto them.”

— Maia

“Jace told me once you’d walk all over my heart in high-heeled boots, and it hasn’t stopped me.”

— Simon

“Our love is forbidden like the love of a shark and a—and a shark hunter. But that’s what makes it special.”

— Simon

Which character are you most looking forward to reading about?

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  • jesse

    that comment that Maia said, about someone holding on to you, before you die. why do I feel, that she’s going to be one of the 6 that die, honestly I wouldn’t be very surprised if she does, but it’s still very sad if she truth though I would rather she and Jordan die than alec or magnus.

  • Ron

    i liek teh fact that look grown up and not just teenagers, love how this guy portrayed them…. Jace art is aleready out ….
    Simon looks like eh ahs runes on his body but Maia also looks like has some drawing on ehr too so im not sure if that’s a thing.. i wonder tho about the dagger he has and if it’s the same Clary has