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Suzanne Collins requested an expanded role for Effie Trinket in ‘Mockingjay’ films

One of the biggest complaints regarding The Hunger Games series’ finale, Mockingjay, is the hugely diminished role of Effie Trinket. Apparently, according to the official promotional website The Hunger Games Exclusive, Suzanne Collins specifically requested that Effie Trinket’s role be expanded in the Mockingjay movies! Elizabeth Banks just does too good of a job to leave her out, right? What do you guys think of this decision? Personally, this is a change I can get behind!

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  • Donte-Aro Voltaire McNeal

    I’m glad to hear this. I adore Liz Banks as Effie.

  • Severus Snape

    This is one of those rare times that fans will be okay with movie studios changing something in the film.

  • jacenmarc06

    I cant wait and Im perfectly finwith them changing this and I love Effie!

  • potterfan78

    I’m happy with this news! Love Elizabeth Banks as Effie!!!

  • Danielle Lowry

    This makes me incredibly happy, because I honestly felt like she was missing from the books, but I think she should have been added in secretly helping out from the capitol end or something. Like helping Peeta out or something.
    Hopes held for expanded epilogue and Effie and Haymitch getting together?!