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The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: Surprises and Speculations

May 20, 2014

Now that the absolute devastation and shock that was the season finale of The Vampire Diaries, a show infamous for it’s feels, has worn off lets try to calmly think about it. So much happened that was overlooked due to the emotional bomb that exploded, so let’s save the “D word” for later and go character by character. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

The return of Lexi (at least for the episode)

“Looks like I’ve now saved you from both metaphorical darkness and actual darkness. I think you owe me a beer.” Lexi is a comforting sight after Stefan’s shocking, yet non permanent, death. She has always provided a scene stealing ray of light in Stefan’s darkest times so it was truly hard to see her ultimate gift to Stefan be sacrifice. She was responsible for Marko’s inability to come back to the land of the living. While there is debate about the permanency of death in The Vampire Diaries, it was a just ending for a character such as Lexi who found peace before she could be taken by the collapsing “Other Side”. She, however, didn’t leave before tilting her hat to the chemistry that is gaining traction between Stefan and Caroline. There is a lot of fan conversation about whether it’s friends or something more. Now we see that they are Lexi approved it has left a big hovering question mark and a potential plot line for season six. Either way, Lexi will be sorely missed even in her unfrequent visits. Who else will show us that a guy and a girl can truly be just best friends?


The return of Silas (at least for this episode)

The upside is Silas has to be the sassiest immortal being that has ever walked the earth the downside he is also inherently evil. He is also the only way for Bonnie to learn the spell to get people back from the Other Side. Bonnie wasn’t too happy about the plan due in part to the fact that Silas had killed her father but he was the only way to save what seemed like almost the entire population of Mystic Fall. Bygones right? HELL NO. After learning the spell, Bonnie held on and let the collapsing Other Side take him. What will we do without his sass?


Bonnie and Grams

At first you assume that Grams would be her old judgmental self with Bonnie helping those of the fanged persuasion, however, this is far from true. It was sentimental and nostalgic after both Bonnie and her Grams realized there would be no coming back from their ties to each other and the Other Side. There was also a cryptic exchange between Bonnie and Grams that has left a lot of the audience wondering Sheila couldn’t be a little more specific. She said that she found peace by finding a way for her granddaughter to find peace. What?!


The Mystic Grill

Okay so the Mystic Grill isn’t technically a living, breathing character BUT it has been the quintessential set for The Vampire Diaries for the last five seasons. Where will Damon and Alaric drink… oh.



While we have Enzo to thank for the chaos of episodes previous he does seem to care about himself enough to find Silas and in doing so a way for people to cross over from the Other Side. So while he may have been doing it for his own selfish purposes he did in fact save the lives of a bunch of main characters. We also know that Michael Malarkey, who plays Enzo, was upgraded to a series regular. Enzo is a great addition to the cast and it feels good to have new blood on the show even if he isn’t particularly cuddly.



ALARIC IS BACK! FOR REAL THIS TIME! Matt Davis, or as we know him normal guy turned amateur vampire hunter turned friend of vampires turned vampire or just simply Alaric Saltzman, was re-upgraded to series regular. It was about time too since the Gilbert’s are in desperate need of a parental figure especially for a completely devastated Elena. Welcome back, Alaric. The entire audience is going to need you.


Tyler as a human?

So Tyler is a human now, which has to mean that Mystic Falls still no longer has spirit magic. Right? RIGHT? What does this mean for all of the characters who came back?


Damon and Elena

It still hurts. The most Delena heavy episode we have gotten in quite sometime and that had to be the end of it. Both Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had stunning performances as Damon and Elena respectively. It was so believable which made it just that much harder when we realized Damon wasn’t going to make it back. The first moment that made it real was Stefan’s reaction:


and then came Damon’s goodbyes to Elena. They had this beautiful moment when he decided to be the detonator to the Mystic Grill bomb and he promised to come back to her. The whole sequence was even worse knowing that he broke that promise. And it always seems as though Damon’s best speeches are always when Elena can’t hear him. He seemed so serene in how he spoke to her. At this point there was no dry eye in anyone who watched it.


Can this be real? This isn’t real. It can’t be. And then the realization that there is only 3 more minutes in the episode. And we know it’s going to happen. This is when we start to hang on to the hope that something will change for next season. What about what Grams promised Bonnie? Speaking of Bonnie, it was fitting for the most polarized characters to be the ones to stare down death together.





and that was that. End of the sea…

Let’s look back at the entire Elena and Damon relationship.

What did you think of the episode?

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  • Donte-Aro Voltaire McNeal

    A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I had grown tired of TVD’s seemingly tired storyline. I’m so glad I stuck with the show! This finale was crazy to say the least…

  • Amalia Morgenstern

    I. was. a. wreck. throughout and after this finale, seriously, snot dripping bawling mess….

  • Amalia Morgenstern

    All these tv show season finales are making me a very emotional person, ending, all to once, overload of feels these weeks.

  • allegra