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BREAKING: ‘Vampire Academy’ sequel ‘Frostbite’ is in the works! But they need your help!

June 25, 2014

Only just being reported through the Official Vampire Academy Twitter the likelihood of a sequel has increased. Thanks to the twitlonger, we have now been informed that a sequel to the first Vampire Academy adaptation, Frostbite, is actually in the works. However, the Vampire Academy twitter page has stressed that the studio will go forward if there is an increase with fan interaction on social media’s, to bring the buzz back into the project, and possibly to attract more fans for both the books and the movie.

This is great news for all Vampire Academy fans, and we’re sure Richelle Mead is ecstatic, but remember Guardians, you must assist the Vampire Academy twitter in order to acheive this. Head over there for further instructions!

Vampire Academy is a series centred around half human, half vampire teen – Dhampir – Rose Hathaway, who attends St. Vladamir’s Academy with her Vampire – Moroi – best-friend Lissa Dragormir. Rose is a Guardian in training, something all half vampire, half human beings strive to become in order to protect the Moroi from the deadliest of all vampire races; The Strigoi.

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  • Jaime-ann Graham

    Let’s hope that the sequel is better than the first instalment. The first movie was terrible. I couldn’t stop cringing throughout the entire film at how lame it became once translated into cinema. Give it one more chance with Frostbite, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Otherwise let it die with all the other failed teen-vampire/supernatural films out there.

  • BooksRuleMyLife


  • jesse

    I totally agree with you. I had the same reactions towards the movie when I watched it, and in my head I kept thinking, god they ruined perfectly good books. Now don’t get me wrong I’m happy they will be doing a second movie, but I’m hoping it will be better than the first one. Or yes again, I agree let it go already.

  • Amalia Morgenstern

    VA is getting more dissing than it deserves!! It was true to the books, and set up all the things we need to know for absolutely fabulous sequels! In what I think is the same way the book did! YAAAAYY

  • Elizabeth F Darcy

    Actually, I like the first movie, and It’s pretty good I think. Of course, I’ve read the whole series! I hope frostbite will be in the theater! I really want to see other VA adaptations!!!!

  • Ashley

    If the do make frostbite. It needs a news cast and new everything. the
    movie sucked so bad i could have cried. I read all the books before a
    movie was even in the making. and it makes me so sad. the book and the
    movie was so different. the book was wonderful, it made me laugh scream
    cry mad sad and hot in bothered. it is a wonderful book series that i
    can read over and over, but that movie never should have been made that
    way. it was horrible i could even get through all of it. everything was
    so different and i know a movie isn’t going to be exactly like the
    book. but come on it should have been better tan that. :(

  • Nancy de Castiel

    See this is what they’re talking about. QUIT WITH THE FUCKING NEGATIVITY. obviously it’s not helping

  • Natassja.

    To be perfectly honest, the first movie wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, however the whole setup just made it look like just another cliched teen movie. If you’ve read the books, you’ll know that it’s not like how the story is at all and that there’s a deeper meaning to everything. The movie came off as a bit too teenager-y for me, which I guess is all right given Rose and Lissa’s ages, but you have to bear in mind that they aren’t exactly normal girls. I just hope the producers would be able to bring more depth and meaning to the second film.

  • Donte-Aro Voltaire McNeal

    I thought the movie was good. Had humor, action and a bit of romance. Haven’t read the books yet, but I plan on doing so in the coming months.

  • Emma-Louise Stephens

    In my opinion, the movie failed on the following counts:

    1.) Cinematic translation – unnecessary sequences that confused the passage of time in the movie and made the first half feel rushed. Plus, the Strigoi dream and Dimitri’s death gives away a MAJOR plotpoint in SK. Also, Sonya Karp leading the Strigoi was just… misguided.

    2.) Lucy Fry’s Lissa. Okay, so she looks the part I’m glad she’s not so self-serving and whiny in the film, but interrupting the Queen? Lissa would NEVER do that. Also, what was up with Tatiana’s wardrobe?

    3.) Interplay between characters. Yes, the central conceit in the books in female friendship, but in giving that so much screen time, I feel like they didn’t do Romitri justice. There was a clearly defined chemistry between them on screen, but the writing in those scenes made the relationship seem dare I say ‘creepier’ and less deep and complex than it is in the book. Also, I feel like Mia came across as melodramatic, rather than multi-faceted, as was intended.

    4.) Marketing. I’d like to make clear that I do not work in marketing, so many could see this a pure conjecture, but that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed. The marketing was so muddled, IMO. Firstly, we had the pink/green chart music pop culture vibe, and the Gush page (which I actually thought was pretty cool). This was most likely done to attract the younger demographic of VA’s audience and rightly so, but the trailers for this promotion were sloppy. Then we had the classic, dark vampy vibe. No doubt meant to appeal to the older demographic.I think more time should have been spent creating something that would appeal to both in this respect.

    5.) Writing. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I’d like to talk about the writing. I’ll preface this by saying that I’m a big fan of all things Waters and that I love Heathers and Mean Girls. HOWEVER, Vampire Academy is NOT meant to be Mean Girls 2. I appreciate that the first book in the series is perhaps the least serious of the six, what with it’s social drama and so forth but a lot of the humour was so specific that if fell flat in most cases. Yes, Rose is funny and that’s part of her charm, but the information vomit in the first part of the film sort of ruined its funnier aspects.

    No hate please, I am being constructive and I’d like to see another movie every bit as much as everyone else here.

    That said, I feel like I do need to tip my metaphorical hat to whoever was in charge of casting because majority of the cast is spot on. Seriously, Danila IS Dimitri and Zoey is a great Rose, even if she doesn’t technically “look the part” but that’s never been a point of contention for me as long as the actors do a good job, which I believe Zoey did. I also really enjoyed Cameron and Dom’s performances in their respective rolls, and I LOVED Gabriel Byrne as Victor! Olga was a good Kirova too, its hard to get that balance between strict and caring.

    I have not written this to encourage disagreement, only in the hopes that OVAM will take this kind of feedback and not only listen to ‘yes man’ fans who love VA so much they’re blind to its flaws.

  • Larissa Johnson

    Recast Rose as someone who is mixed race and maybe you’ll attract all the poc that you alienated by whitewashing her in the first film (then you insulted us by making Alberta-excuse me Gabriella-a token). There are hundreds of actresses who are biracial like Rose (who takes after her dark complexioned father) with more talent than Zoey Deutch. She made strong, sexy, Rose into a whining tween.

  • Larissa Johnson

    The movie was crap and people are entitled to express that opinion. If you want to fangirl about it go to a fan site and leave the adults to discuss it in peace.

  • Nancy de Castiel

    “adults” haha yeah okay xD no one is fangirling dumbass. i’m simply stating that instead of calling it out on it’s mistakes, promote the fucking movie and try to get more people to be interested in it like they’re saying they need.

  • Larissa Johnson

    Way to prove you’re an adult—by resorting to gutter language. If you want people to take you seriously try acting with a bit of class and maturity—though I suppose that’s hard to do when you’re supporting a movie that is blatantly racist, ageist and a mockery of the books it is supposed to represent.

  • MrsAdrianIvashkov

    Actually, yes, I am very pleased to know Frostbite might really happen. But they need to give a darker theme to everything, since VA isn’t just a chick flick with fangs [though the trailers certainly made it seem so]. I am optimistic because Frostbite is where the darker world of Vampire Academy is slowly introduced to the readers, and I’m sure it’ll attract a lot of audiences IF marketed properly.

    Oh, and one more thing

    ADRIAN F-ING IVASHKOV!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

  • Nancy de Castiel

    yeah i never said i was an adult so way to put words in people’s mouths. i’m a TEENAGER so yeah…. whatever. People are too caught up with the fact that the cast/directing/whatfuckingever sucks and don’t see that it is pretty true to the books AS THE AUTHOR HERSELF HAD SAID REPEATEDLY. yes, they changed a few things and important parts but get over that, and realize it’s close to the books.

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