The Mortal Instruments


Cassandra Clare announces NEW Simon Lewis short stories!

Shadowhunters across the world have been left surprised with news from Cassandra Clare at her City of Heavenly Fire event in Newcastle! There will be in fact a “super secret” short story collection that will focus on the character of Simon Lewis! As a huge Cassandra Clare fan myself, I have to say this news has sent chills down my spine. I’m extremely excited, none of us really wanted to say goodbye to the characters of The Mortal Instruments now did we?

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What do you think guys?

Are you as excited as we are about the news?!



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  • Freya Elliott

    Simon is my absalute favourite character and I really hoped we geta glimpse of him in TDA, but a whole short story collection? It’s even better

    So I hope we get to see some stuff about him getting his memory back and him ascending (becoming Clary’s parabati?) But I also hope we get to see a little bit more of him in his time before the shadow world.

  • Emily Gamez

    I’m so excited about this! Simon’s my fave and I would love to read more of his story, especially since I’m gonna miss all the TMI characters once I finish the last book.

  • jesse

    OMG Simon is my favorite character I really hated finishing the book just because I did not want to say goodbye to them, but (spoiler) I am really hoping he becomes clary’s Pārbati he is going to be such an amazing shadowhunter. OMG this means we have a new shadowhunter name! or maybe he chooses one IDK, but ahhhhhhhh I wonder if the dark powers, the last shadowhunter series will have their kids as the characters, but too much to hope I guess. I really can’t wait though, for this to happen.

  • TheFirst


    I’m pretty sure the stories will be about Simon becoming a shadowhunter. Which is totally awesome! He already had his marks in the comic at the end of the UK COHF. I do think he is too old to become Clary’s parabatai though. Clary is also too old I think.

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  • Scarred Heart .

    What is he takes the name Fairchild and thane marries izzy!!

  • jesse

    that would be totally amazing!