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Exclusive comic in the Walker Books UK edition of ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ [Spoilers]

Check out an exclusive of Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Wedding’ comic strip in the Walker Books UK edition of City of Heavenly Fire. We warn you before you go on, there are spoilers from The Infernal Devices series, as well as City of Heavenly Fire. As it’s nearly a month since the amazing final book was released, we thought it was the right time for the world to see the comic strip in the UK edition of the book and quite rightly Cassie chose to depict a scene from the characters of the London Institute. The illustration as always are breath taking, Cassandra Jean depicts each character and the setting itself so beautifully! You may even see Church on one or two pages! It definitely does not disappoint! Enjoy everyone!








How amazing was that! Cassandra beautifully portrayed the love between Tessa & Will but also the love between two Parabatai’s. Will is happy for Jem and Tessa because as he says, “They were both so alone, so long. This gives me peace.” It was lovely to see Jessamine, as well as some our favourite characters from The Mortal Instruments too! And did you notice the setting of the wedding, yep, it was the Blackfriars bridge where Jem & Tessa would always meet! I wonder if Izzy ever got Church back?

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 15.42.40.jpg

BlackFriars Bridge, London

What do you think of this beautiful comic of ‘The Wedding’ scene?

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  • jesse

    I swear when I reed this I broke down in tears will; will always be one of my favorite characters ever! I loved reading the dark artifices, and this brought back so many memories.