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Exclusive: Page to Premiere attends ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ world premiere in New York

Last night I had the awesome opportunity to attend The Fault in Our Stars premiere in New York City! My favorite part of the evening was actually before I got on the carpet and got to meet a ton of you awesome readers – you’re all so lovely and brilliant and passionate and I swear we could all be best friends. We need to have a slumber party. Anyway – I spent from 3 PM to 5 PM hanging out with the fans and sharing a bunch of coverage via our Instagram (Instagram.com/PageToPremiere). Then, I got on the carpet with my friend Lauren, and we were right next to our very own BookTube partner of awesomeness, Christine (PolandBananasBooks)! She was there with her BookTube partner in crime, Katy, aka Katytastic.

I had some of the stars do #TheFaultInOurSelfies, and take a selfie of what their face looks like before and after they watch the film! Below, you can check out a video montage of our fun times on the carpet, plus pictures and Instagram videos. Today I am still in New York and will be flying out tomorrow – but I’ll be posting the individual video interviews and their transcriptions up on the site as the film gets closer to release. Just 3 more days, guys! Go see The Fault in Our Stars movie on June 6th, okay? Okay.

The Fault in Our Stars Premiere Video Montage

The Fault in Our Selfies:

Instagram Coverage of Nerdfighter Insanity:

Go see The Fault in Our Stars, Okay? Okay!

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  • Josey Lee Burd

    Most girls were probably dying to meet like Ansel and Shai (I mean, I would, too) but I would die if I met Willem Dafoe! I was in love with the Green Goblin from Spider Man when I was five XD And now TFIOS! So it’s perfect for me!