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Jamie Campbell Bower talks reading ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ and the ‘City of Ashes’ movie!

The brilliant Jamie Campbell Bower or as Shadowhunters across the world know him, Jace Herondale Wayland Morgenstern has spoken to the Daily Mail today about the City of Ashes movie and how much he’d love to be a part of the second part of the franchise! For eager readers of Cassandra Clare’s final book in the series, City of Heavenly Fire, you will also be pleased to know that Jamie mentioned that he has now read all the books, so he knows how it ends!

‘I’ve read all the books and the new one, City Of Heavenly Fire, too,’ Campbell Bower says. ‘If they asked me to do the next one I’d f**king love to.’

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City of Bones, which reportedly had a budget of $60 million, grossed $99 million worldwide.

Earlier on in the month at the London event for City of Heavenly Fire, Cassandra was asked by a fan about the filming of City of Ashes and whether Jamie would still be playing Jace.

Q: As a massive fan I was just wondering when filming is going to start for City of Ashes? Do you know if Jamie will still be playing Jace?

A: I don’t know, I would think so, I would personally be surprised if they didn’t have him. They had to completely redo the entire screenplay, which takes a long time but believe me you wanted that screenplay redone! I will tell you one thing that is, Clary split into 2 people that both looked like her and had a shovel fight with one another. (Sarah Brennan) Oh and of course Magnus running for mayor of New York. (Cassie) I thought you liked when Jace rode the mermaid! The cast was never the issue, the script was the issue but I have been told that I would hear from them in the next couple of weeks! I mean he (Magnus) would make a great mayor in principle but a race of peoples entire reason for being is to hide themselves from Mundanes, probably running for mayor isn’t a good idea.

Variety reported that Constantin Films would be beginning production for the second film this year, but they had been unclear about the actors returning. With Cassandra Clare waiting on news, it seems the hype for City of Ashes has indeed begun again!

How excited are you to know that the awesome Jamie would still like to play Jace?

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  • Lev Zetlin

    I hope all of this is indeed true because I would love for this series to get another shot at a film franchise.

  • Anamar Leticia

    I would love to see the City of Ashes movie

  • WarlockBane

    Okay, so now maybe, with this news, I’m not too much upset about the second Vampire Academy movie, but still, the VA flopped harder than TMI :/ And I hope, really hope that whoever is writing the screenplay/script has ACTUALLY read City of Ashes! Provided they will have to do something about the end of COB where Team Good had the cup , but no doubt it can be fixed rather quickly so Val has both the Sword and the Cup at the end of the movie. Let’s get the ball rolling on this, Shadowhunters and Downworlders!

  • jaymel

    i would love to see the whole series in the big screen.. and jamie still as jace.

  • Ariyanna

    Jamie will ALWAYS be Jace to me! I seriously hope they do decide to continue with the movies. That would be great.

  • steffi and friends

    We are so waiting for City of Ashes.We watched the first movie three times in the cinema.We love the complete cast(especially Jamie as Jace).When there will be a recast for his role my friends and I won´t go to the cinema.we don´t like movies with any recast so we won´t support the movie in the cinema-sorry.With the original cast three times again.;)(Otherwise we will watch it on DVD)Sorry for my bad english.

  • rockdaisy

    I really want to see this series finished through with the original cast providing that they are able to do it and are as willing as Jamie. I would have also liked to see this as a TV series because then it would have covered way more. However I am glad they were made to rewrite whatever rubbish they tried to produce.You don;t go buying rights to a popular story and then change the entire plot and storyline. If you want to do that then make your own movie.

  • Sabrina Ulrich

    I’m hopeful…why make such ridiculous changes to the script? Glad they scrapped that. As for Jamie, if he’s not Jace then I’m not wasting my money. Simple as that. The cast is wonderful and has such good chemistry. Don’t fix what’s not broken.

  • Lala Vicens Zanoguera

    Jamie is a great actor and he permormed very well the roll of Jace! especially if you see other movies that he has done! And they have to do the all movies please!!

  • deluded

    Isn’t this a very old interview of Cassie’s? Seems like the news is still no news.

  • Yoimedy Torres

    So I am not the only one thinking VA is a great book series but the movie was a complete load of BS? Nice

  • Mariyam Page to Premiere

    This was an exclusive she gave at her City of Heavenly Fire London Book tour a few weeks ago.

  • Carolina Marín A

    jamie for jace please <3 he is perfect …you can see it in his eyes

  • Carolina Marín A

    i love jamie as jace!
    I hope he still in the cast

  • Shierly Glyzza Cruzat

    i love the first cast of city of bones, so please hopefully the squel of the books until the last book hopefully they will do it,when im reading all the books i imagine them doin it…all the characters and i love it…many fans here in the philippines are waiting to watch the second saga of the mortal instruments: city of ashes..

  • Shierly Glyzza Cruzat

    yes, no one will replace him cause his good in fighting scenes and so thy others..

  • Shierly Glyzza Cruzat

    me i watch it 10x in my computer….and i love to read the books again and again…

  • Shierly Glyzza Cruzat

    i agree..

  • Shierly Glyzza Cruzat

    i the cast

  • stefanie

    Why is there no comment from Constantin Film? I wanna know if there is a chance for city of ashes or not. I still going crazy to wait and have no idea if the movie comes or not. I loved the first one. Ilove the whole cast especially Jamie as Jace. So i still waiting and fingers cross. Come on constantin it`s not difficult:Yes or no.

  • Lupe

    Jamie was not my first choice to play Jace but he did a great job at it. Would love to see him back and can’t wait for City of Ashes to start filming. Fingers crossed that it does the book justice.