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PHOTO: Keiynan Lonsdale arrives in Atlanta to film ‘Insurgent’

Australian actor Keiynan Lonsdale was recently cast as Uriah in Insurgent and he has already arrived in Atlanta for filming! Earlier today, he shared on his Twitter that he would be travelling to Atlanta from Sydney.

This evening, he added an adorable picture that seems to confirm that he has arrived in Atlanta to begin shooting his scenes in the hugely anticipated Divergent sequel. The films are based on the novels by Veronica Roth, and star Shailene Woodley and Theo James in the leading roles.

Are you excited to see Keiynan as Uriah?

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  • Jordan

    Uriah! Yes!

  • Heather

    My immediate reaction: “WHOA! NO WAY! OH, GOSH, NO! WHAT IDIOT CASTED HIM? I CAN’t BELIEVE THIS.” Then a burning, electric, burst of fury and panic filled me and I frantically scrolled down the page to comment (as if that would change anything). Meanwhile, my head was still raging. “THIS CAN NOT BE URIAH!! NO NO NO! I WILL NOT HAVE IT! I WILL STOP THIS! I WILL DO SOMETHING! I WILL COMMENT!”
    Then, as I got closer to the bottom: “Oh, God, please, don’t let this be true. Please, please, please. Uriah has to be perfect! I mean SERIOUSLY! IT’S URIAH! He just can’t look like this. I won’t allow it!”
    And then off again: “NO NO NO NO NO NO. . . .”
    In my frenzy, the page jumped as I scrolled too fast to the bottom and landed at the point where his instagram photo was. The boiling blood simmered to it’s steady pulsing and then went off erratically as I stared at Uriah in the flesh. My knew thoughts? “Oh, yes! This will do. This will do very nicely.”
    So. . . When I finally calmed down from both anger and excitement, I was very content.

  • Tara Hardy

    I’m so excited to see him as Uriah :)