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What are the perks of being a “fanboy” of reading?

June 29, 2014

Within the Fangirl culture and the Fandoms there is a rare breed known as the Fanboy. Now, don’t think for one second that just because they are in the minority it means they are not as relevant because that is where you are wrong. You may see something as being too ‘girly’ or too ‘romantic’ for a boy but I assure that there is still plenty of male fans out there and they deserve more appreciation.

According to the dictionary a “fanboy” is:

A male fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, music, film, or science fiction.’

I do agree with this, to a certain extent, because it has definitely got the ‘obsessive‘ part spot on. However, don’t fall into the trap of believing that boys are just ‘obsessive‘ over ‘comics, music, film or science fiction’ because it’s books too! 

Boys can be just as obsessed with books as girls, and in today’s society I feel like boys are almost forgotten in the Fangirl and Fandom culture. It’s such a shame! Just because a book may be seen as a “girls book” does not mean that a boy will not enjoy it, and I wish more people would accept this. For example, my favourite book is probably The Fault in Our Stars by the one and only John Green, and the stereotypical audience of this book would definitely be a girl. People are often shocked that I have read it and loved it so much; I’d get people who say, “isn’t that a girls book?” to me quite often. I don’t think anyone has the right to determine whether a book is a “girls book” or not and people should respect people’s choice in reading. What is important is that you shouldn’t feel ashamed to read whatever you want. Don’t let anyone tell you (whether you’re a boy or a girl) what you can or can’t read, because they should not be able to prevent you from enjoying a book you want to enjoy. Read what you want.

Often, fanboys are treated badly by people at school (and other places) for enjoying reading, and this is not okay. Just because someone does not like the typical male sports or doesn’t enjoy doing stereotypically “male things” (whatever they may be) does not mean they should be put down for it. People should be able to read whatever they want no matter what gender they are.

Boys can still be just as obsessed with things as girls. Obsession is not just a female trait! A girl’s favourite book series could also be a boy’s favourite books series, and that is 100% okay! It may be more difficult for some boys to want to show their obsession whether it be on social network sites or simply with their friends due to a fear of being judged, but there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I have heard many people say that boys are only obsessive over stereotypically female-loved things for attention, and this is so wrong. Just because there are typically less male fans involved the online fan culture for young adult literature than there are female fans, it doesn’t mean that when one boy wants to share his love for something with you, that they are only doing it for attention. Boys want to share their love for their favorite books just as much as girls do, and more people need to realize this.

People should really accept the fact there are plenty of “fanboys” out there and they can love something just as much as girls do. No one should not do something because they think people will judge them if what they enjoy is not a typical thing for their gender to enjoy. Books are there to be read by both males and females and everyone deserves the chance to enjoy a book that they want to enjoy.

But what are the perks of being a fanboy? Well, the perks of being a fanboy are just the same as whatever the perks of being a fangirl are because there is no real difference (apart from the obvious) between a fanboy and fangirl. Both get to enjoy such a rich online community where people are passionate about reading, and just want to interact and discuss their favorite books.

Being a Fangirl/Fanboy can be hard work! There are many reason as to why this is, such as:

  • wanting to read one more chapter when you know you should be asleep
  • staying up all night waiting for movie trailers etc because of annoying time zones
  • dying inside every time you remember one of your favourite fictional characters have died
  • getting a mini heart attack whenever a trailer for the movie of your favourite book comes on TV
  • having to contain your excitement and emotions in public

Please don’t call out male fans and make them uncomfortable, because at the end of the day we are all the same and we are all just as obsessive over things as each other. However, most importantly, read what you want to read and don’t let anyone put you down for that. Do not be ashamed of releasing that inner fangirl or fanboy!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Liam is a 17 year old British boy who developed an unhealthy obsession with books and films! He is currently stuck in the pit called School but when he leaves his dream would be to write a book and get it published. He spends most of his time reading, watching films/tv shows and simply being a fanboy. You can follow him on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • K M

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I am a fanboy of a lot of books that are seen as girly (eleanor and park, TFiOS, Beautiful Creatures) and I get harassed at school about it!!! This article is so true!! #fanboysareawesome

  • Deja

    I enjoyed the article and can’t wait to see what you next post, I also didn’t realise the harassment fanboys faced and sorry that you faced that :) I agree you should read what you want and it not to be based on stereotypes

  • Guest

    I couldn’t agree more, glad you liked it!! :D

  • Lev Zetlin

    Thank you! I’m a huge fanboy of books that can be seen as girly, (The Twilight Saga, Beautiful Creatures, The Host, TFIOS, etc.) We fanboys are hard to find ;)

  • AcrossTheFandom

    This, sadly is so true. As a guy, I absolutely adore reading, especially YA books which usually have a female in the lead. In my country, for people me age, reading is looked at as a form or inferiority, making me the subject of being picked on for reading instead of playing video games and going outside. It’s sad, because I have to face the feels and my thoughts alone, and don’t get me started on going to the cinema alone…
    I really liked this article, and I hope there’ll be more like it. I’m just sad so many guys relate.

  • Dillon Armoogam

    Yep, I know how you feel. I could never read a book in my school’s library without getting interrupted.

  • https://twitter.com/darrellnerd Darbear

    This article is so accurate, thanks so much for writing it!

  • Ellen

    Tbh I think this is the most stupid post I have ever read. EVERYONE who reads has previously been seen as an outcast, “fanboys” are not special in that respect. You’re acting like there’s so much discrimination against “fanboys” but I know so many who read female-led books and no one questions them. Why are you splitting this into “fanboys” vs “fangirls”? Fans are fans, I’m pretty sure that’s a point you were trying to make but really you’ve just put a wedge between each gender.

    You’re trying to act like you’re quirky and different because you’re a “fanboy” what with the “rare breed” malarkey, but, quite frankly, you’re not special at all. There are male fans everywhere. If you would climb out of your own arse you might notice that.

  • Zachary Everlark Keene

    Ummm you have no idea what your talking about do you most fanboys who read in public get called out about it :( no matter what country because “Reading is not a manly thing to do” hell when i bought TFIOS from my local bookstore the cashier said “What are you doing reading a book like this” so dont say that it isnt a big deal because it really is

  • http://7thpage.com/ Severus Snape

    I must be lucky because I’ve never had this problem. People have always thought my love for books (and more specifically Harry Potter) is cool… They’ve always loved me for it. I get all sorts of people asking me what to read. So I must have gotten off lucky.

    But if other guys are being harassed over their love of books, then I agree with this post. Everyone (guys and girls alike) should be able to embrace the stories they love without any sort of backlash. And I would like to see more guys involved in the “Bookdom”, sometimes I feel like I’m the only one (I’m obviously not, but as you pointed out, it’s a minority). Good post. Opened up my view a bit more. :)

  • Ellen

    Well how come the boys I know don’t get called out on it? Reading is seen as intellectual, actually. I’ve never heard anyone call it “unmanly” that’s such bs. Wow that’s one cashier and suddenly it’s a massive problem.

    This is ridiculous.

  • Megan

    I understand where both of you guys are coming from. Ellen, it does seem in the article that Liam is splitting this into “fanboy” vs “fangirl” but he still goes on to say that no one should be treated badly for the stuff they like. Zachary, I have seen guys get made fun of for the type of books they read and that cashier is just rude, but that doesn’t just happen to guys. So many people have made fun of me for my “obsession” with books and I’m a girl. Honestly everyone should just read whatever the hell they want to read and if others don’t like that well whatever! :) haha

  • Donte-Aro Voltaire McNeal

    Proud fanboy!

  • brandon meacham

    Someone has the guts to speak the truth, I personally believe it sexist to believe something based on gender stereotype. I.E. people when they girls reading, i assume the majority think “okay girls adore books” but why some guys get verbal and sometimes physical abuse from reading literature or why guys want to read books with female protagonists or written by female writers to perceive how both gender minds work, this isn’t a scifi opera, we can’t really read each other’s thoughts. Even if a person writes scenes and dialogue between two different minds, Its the characters who speak and think and we can see in their thoughts. I read both girls And Boys books to gain idea construction and see how people act and want to be treated, alas maybe some people don’t want to be treated like their life is a storybook. That’s my point.

  • Bookbrews

    As a fanboy, I feel ostracized sometimes about reading books that aren’t geared towards guys. But yeah, I agree, we all should be free to read whatever we want without judgment.

  • PizzaCake

    This is so fricking true! People nowadays are telling fanboys as girly because they like reading, at least we are not using our money to buy drugs and spending our time reading books rather than getting girls pregnant!
    /i have an Instgram Fandom acc and fangirls are like: “Oh y gosh! A fanboy! You’re a rare breed!!”

  • Brianna

    I have a great guy friend who’s a few years older than me and is a fanboy! When we first started talking about books, he recommended Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.. and admitted to crying while reading it. I did not judge him one bit – instead, I added that book to my TBR pile!