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Makers of ‘Vampire Academy’ announce more news on ‘Frostbite’ and they need your help!

July 15, 2014

The Official Vampire Academy page announced on Facebook today that they have ‘raised the majority of funds’ for the second in the series of films, based on the brilliant book by Richelle Mead. But there’s a slight catch, fans of the movie who want Frostbite, will need to dig deep into their pockets and purses to help the franchise. Crowdfunding is when money is sourced for a project by raising small amounts, from a large number of people, in this case, the fans have the opportunity and power to help bring their favourite book to life.

Keep an eye out later on this week for more news on how to help #Frostbite2015

Would you be willing to help pay for Frostbite?

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  • WarlockBane

    Not to be anti-Vampire Academy, and it’s nice to see the company giving this franchise another go, but I’m just really hoping Constantin will get it together for City of Ashes. Again, it’s nice to see them doing this for VA , but it is rather upsetting for those of us who main stream TMI over VA.

  • PJackbooklover

    I think they’re working on the script. They’re re-writing it, so it’s taking a long time. But it’s confirmed that they WILL be filming it. Hope that helps. :)

  • addictedtowordsx

    It’s actually not the company doing this for VA, but rather the producers who brought the rights who believe in the franchise. Whomever bought the rights for TMI could do the same thing, unless they are owned by the studio. I would love a city of ashes.

  • Dia Triose

    It is confirmed? How? I haven’t seen anything concrete

  • PJackbooklover

    The City of Bones director Harald Zwart told us there WILL be a City of Ashes movie, only he wouldn’t be the one directing it. And Cassie said in her Tumblr that there are people re-writing the script because the first version was too different from the book. :)

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