‘Vampire Academy’ producers set to launch IndieGoGo campaign for ‘Frostbite’

Although Vampire Academy opened to less than stellar reviews and box office numbers, fans of Richelle Mead’s best-selling series have not wavered in their support of the film or been deterred from the possibility of a sequel. For months, producers teased Frostbite news on their Facebook page and fans were rewarded last month when it was announced the majority of the sequel’s funds had been raised. However, like Veronica Mars and Wish I Were Here, the filmmakers are also relying on crowd funding to bring the project to fruition.

Vampire Academy producers will launch a monthlong IndieGoGo campaign on Wednesday, August 6th in the hopes of raising $1.5 million for the project. If the goal is met, production on Frostbite will begin in early 2015 and the film will be released later that year. Speaking with MTV, producer Deepak Nayar expressed the power Vampire Academy fans have when it comes to making the sequel a reality.

“Our financiers were willing to move forward ONLY if we could show them the fans would support us,” Nayar said. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that we would not be here without them.”

Producer Mike Preger also spoke highly of Vampire Academy fans and revealed a new screenwriter for the project.

“The fans mean everything to us,” he said in an email to MTV News. “We decided to move forward with ‘Frostbite’ because of the fans, and we want to give them the purest book to film adaptation possible. We have a script by Piers Ashworth [screenwriter of “St. Trinian’s”] that does just that. We want to give them exactly what they expect.”

Though producers wish to see the original cast (Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky, etc.) return, MTV notes their involvement cannot be confirmed at this time. In answering fan inquiries on Facebook, it was revealed that international fans will be able to contribute to the campaign. Further details will be available on the IndieGoGo FAQ this Wednesday when the campaign goes live.

  • Danielle Lowry

    They should do this for city of ashes, except they should just merge city of ashes and city of glass into one film. Because IMO city of ashes is just a blip in the story.

  • Richelle Geist

    I really enjoyed this series and was really disappointed by a few things in the movie. Rose was perfect, but I could not wrap my head around the use of British accents for every Moroi and the fact that you couldnt understand a thing Demetri said. I would show support for Frostbite, but not help fund it.

  • patricia stump

    can’t wait to see it frost bite love the books.

  • JessicaMarie C. Timaeus

    They are releasing the city of ashes next year. It’s in production now but I was disappointed in the vampire academy movie. Nothing is what I pictured when I read that amazing book and it was reaching out to teens than captivating the fans. Sorry and I’m a die hard fan

  • Arielle Yeap

    yay!!! I haven’t read the books but I really enjoyed the movie and I thought it was hilarious. Zoey Deutch is awesome

  • Ana Luiza

    Frostbite. <3

  • Rheanna Randazzo

    The movie was so bad! I mean, if you were to fix the dialogue I guess it wouldn’t be so painful to watch. The story-line was very good, but because the dialogue was rushed and awkward, it distracted attention from every other element in the movie. I do support the release of Frostbite, in hopes that with better writers, this franchise can be successful! I mean, if twilight was a big as it was, why can’t a series with a better plot do just as well?

  • Rachel

    God this was exactly how I felt, though a little later with Dimitri and I got used to him. The british accents bugged the heck out of me and I just didn’t approve of Lissa’s and Headmistress Kirova’s performances.