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Kimmy is a 21 year old nerdfighter who is the founder and editor-in-chief of Page to Premiere. When she's not writing about books and movies here or on her Hunger Games site called Mockingjay.net, she loves Tumblr-ing, eating sushi, drinking Thai iced tea, and being lazy with her cat Rue! She hopes to be a published author one day. You can follow her on Twitter at @kimmymary.

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TRAILER: ‘Flowers in the Attic’...

Nov 15, 20134 Comments721 Views

The first trailer for the Lifetime adaptation of Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews has been released – and unlike the original adaptation from


New ‘Divergent’ movie poster fe...

Nov 13, 20132 Comments736 Views

The brand new one-sheet poster for Divergent has been released, featuring our main Dauntless duo…Tris and Four! They are portrayed by Shailene Woodley and Theo

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Brand new full-length ‘Divergent̵...

Nov 13, 20136 Comments417 Views

The brand new full length trailer for the adaptation of Veronica Roth’s Divergent has been released!


On Set Interview: Richelle Mead talks the u...

Nov 08, 20136 Comments935 Views

We had the chance to visit the set of the film adaptation of Vampire Academy, and today we’re bringing you our interview with the author


New ‘Divergent’ character poste...

Nov 04, 20133 Comments307 Views

The first new Divergent poster, featuring Maggie Q as Dauntless tattoo artist, and aptitude test facilitator, Tori Wu. She is a central character throughout Veronica


Something BIG is coming, Divergent fans! T...

Nov 01, 20137 Comments272 Views

Something BIG for Divergent fans will be hitting the web next week! We have this exciting teaser to give you a clue…what do you think


Set Visit Interview: Lucy Fry talks playing...

Nov 01, 20133 Comments642 Views

We had the chance to visit the set of the film adaptation of Vampire Academy, in the UK, a few months ago. The film is

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New still from ‘Vampire Academy’...

Oct 30, 20131 Comment518 Views

Check out this awesome new image from Vampire Academy, featuring our main characters Rose and Lissa! In the film adaptation that was directed by Mark

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Stunning new ‘Catching Fire’ IM...

Oct 30, 20131 Comment315 Views

An absolutely spectacular new poster for Catching Fire has been released, featuring a beautiful abstract graphic that highlights major plot points and symbolism of the

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New ‘Divergent’ featurette with...

Oct 25, 20132 Comments329 Views

Entertainment Tonight has released an awesome new Divergent featurette with fresh new interviews with the cast, plus great clips from the movie that focus on