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WATCH: Two deleted scenes from Marvel’...

Aug 10, 20141 Comment831 Views

As Guardians of the Galaxy continues to show its strength at the box office, another Marvel film is preparing for home video release. Captain America:


‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’/ ̵...

Jul 22, 2014No Comments564 Views

ABC recently announced the network’s fall line up, which includes Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. moving to a a new time on Tuesday nights. Though no premiere


ABC greenlights Marvel’s ‘Capta...

May 09, 2014No Comments980 Views

ABC has greenlit a new series and it has Marvel fans rejoicing! Entertainment Weekly announced a Captain America spin-off of Agent Carter. The studio is


How the fallout of ‘Captain America: The ...

Apr 08, 20141 Comment3492 Views

Disclaimer: This article is full of spoilers for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and the April 1 episode of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Two weeks ago


Marvel announces release date for third ...

Apr 07, 2014No Comments1480 Views

Marvel has just announced that they have given a third movie headlining Steve Rogers the go-ahead! Captain America 3 will hit theaters on May 6,

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Chris Evans talks working with two director...

Apr 07, 2014No Comments752 Views

Chris Evans, who portrays the titular Steve Rogers of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, talked working with two directors instead of one with The Hollywood

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier&...

Apr 06, 2014No Comments822 Views

The Cap is back, with a vengeance! Captain America: The Winter Soldier has broken the April box office record, bringing in a huge $96 million


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REVIEW: ‘Captain America: The Winter ...

Apr 04, 201410 Comments1353 Views

Since Marvel’s The Avengers came out in May 2012, I’ve been left wondering if any Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film could live up to that


WATCH: New ‘Captain America: The Wint...

Apr 02, 2014No Comments665 Views

A new Captain America: The Winter Soldier TV spot has just been released by Marvel Entertainment! Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to hit theaters


WATCH: New “Captain America: The Wint...

Mar 06, 20142 Comments1199 Views

Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” arrives in theaters in a month and the commercials and clips have started coming!  In this clip called “Changed,”