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Clip and Featurette from ‘Fifty Shade...

Jan 29, 2015No Comments33 Views

Fifty Shades of Grey is the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the bestselling book that has become a global phenomenon. Since its release, the “Fifty

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‘Fifty Shades’ is Fandango̵...

Jan 16, 20152 Comments467 Views

Thanks to Fandango, the movie-ticket selling service, for bringing to my attention the fact that Fifty Shades is now the fastest selling rated R film


The second official ‘Fifty Shades of ...

Nov 13, 2014No Comments1471 Views

The all new trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey premiered during the Scandal episode tonight on ABC. We aren’t the most popular website for Fifty

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New still of Dakota Johnson as Anastasia St...

Sep 11, 2014No Comments1338 Views

To celebrate Anastasia Steele’s birthday, the official social media accounts of Fifty Shades of Grey have released a brand new still from the movie. In


Why ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ isn&...

Aug 25, 201413 Comments2965 Views

With the sudden, explosive success of E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey series and now its film’s adaptation coming out on Valentine’s Day 2015, this


WATCH: ‘Fifty Shades of Frozen’...

Aug 13, 20143 Comments2219 Views

Tranceart Violeta on YouTube says she “just had to” create this mashup trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey and Frozen, and when you watch it

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WATCH: NBC’s ‘Today’ visi...

Jul 25, 2014No Comments891 Views

Fifty Shades of Grey stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan made an appearance on the Today earlier this week for the debut of the film’s


WATCH: First trailer for ‘Fifty Shade...

Jul 24, 20141 Comment2141 Views

THE WAIT IS OVER, PEOPLE! The time is now – what we’ve all been waiting for; Mr. Grey is officially in the building and he’s


Beyoncé posted a tease for the first ̵...

Jul 19, 20141 Comment1712 Views

Beyoncé (yes, THE Beyoncé) posted this short video tease for the first Fifty Shades of Grey trailer! The first trailer will be released next Thursday


‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Facebook...

Jul 18, 2014No Comments1545 Views

Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey author made the announcement of the first trailer being released on July 24th, the Fifty Shades Facebook page has