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“Marvel Studios: Assembling a Univers...

Feb 28, 2014No Comments603 Views

On Tuesday, March 18, fans will get an insider’s look into how the Marvel Cinematic Universe came to be and where it is going on


BREAKING: Robert Downey Jr. signs two-pictu...

Jun 20, 2013No Comments309 Views

Hooray! Looks like our genius billionaire playboy philanthropist will be coming back for his close up in The Avengers 2…and The Avengers 3! His contract

Iron Man

‘Iron Man 3′ has officially mad...

May 17, 2013No Comments440 Views

Wow! According to ScreenRant, after just 23 days in theaters, the third installment of the Iron Man franchise has crossed the one billion dollar mark.


‘Iron Man 3′ has hit $949 milli...

May 12, 20131 Comment827 Views

Wow! Tony Stark is taking the box office down. The film has hit $949 million at the box office worldwide, having beat Harry Potter and


VIDEO: Ben Kingsley talks playing the Manda...

May 05, 2013No Comments311 Views

Ben Kingsley stopped to have a chat with Collider about playing the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 and Mazer Rackham in the upcoming adaptation of


‘Iron Man 3′ grabs second-best ...

May 05, 2013No Comments475 Views

Sorry Harry! Tony Stark has taken your record! Now, Iron Man 3 has had an opening weekend so huge that it’s only second to the


‘Iron Man 3′ on track at box of...

May 04, 2013No Comments494 Views

Iron Man 3 is on the way to one of the best opening weekends of all time, according to Entertainment Weekly! It’s tracking to beat


Iron Man 3 Clip Featuring RDJ and Don Chead...

Apr 29, 2013No Comments376 Views

Iron Man 3 which debuts May 3rd in the United States has already broken records around the world. To keep us happy until release day,


‘Iron Man 3′ beats ‘The A...

Apr 28, 20131 Comment387 Views

Wow! Iron Man 3 hasn’t hit theaters in the US yet, but the film has exploded overseas – it’s gotten a huge $195.3 million in

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See a rare, vulnerable side to Tony Stark i...

Apr 25, 2013No Comments315 Views

In a new clip from Iron Man 3, which hits theaters on May 10th, we see Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) show a rare vulnerable