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Recap: ‘Once Upon A Time’ S04E0...

Oct 26, 2014No Comments165 Views

This week’s Once Upon A Time brought a twist that I did not see coming. In a flashback, we see a delinquent foster-system teenage Emma stealing from the

Elsa, Emma and Hook in Once Upon A Time

‘Once Upon A Time’ S04E03 Recap...

Oct 13, 2014No Comments575 Views

This week’s Once Upon A Time made me wonder if Snow White could realllly handle the kingdom? We never got a chance to see her in

OUAT-White Out

‘Once Upon A Time’ S04E02 Recap...

Oct 06, 20141 Comment859 Views

As far as Frozen is concerned, this week’s Once Upon A Time was excellent. Except for that ridiculous evil Bo Peep. Back in the Enchanted Forest many

mazerunner review fi

Why ‘The Maze Runner’ book-to-m...

Sep 30, 201422 Comments1607 Views

The Maze Runner hit theaters on September 19th, and since then has taken the box office by storm. Internationally and domestically, it’s made a total

Once Upon A Time - A Tale of Two Sisters

‘Once Upon A Time’ S04E01 Recap...

Sep 29, 20141 Comment771 Views

Season four of ABC’s beloved fairytale drama, Once Upon A Time kicked off last night with the first episode, A Tale of Two Sisters, introducing us to


A visit to the “real Storybrooke” a...

Sep 28, 2014No Comments698 Views

Southwest of Vancouver, British Columbia there is a small fishing village called Steveston.  If you are not from the area there’s a good chance you


Fancasting: Josephine Angelini’s R...

Sep 13, 2014No Comments915 Views

Trial by Fire is one of Page to Premiere’s must read’s, so for those of you who have read the book and would like a


Page To Premiere Wishlist: The Whispers of ...

Sep 01, 2014No Comments1059 Views

If readers of Page To Premiere remember, a couple months ago we started a wishlist of books we’d want to see on the big screen.

5 books

5 book series fans of ‘The Mortal Ins...

Aug 26, 20148 Comments2276 Views

For fans of the massively popular book series, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, it can sometimes be hard to navigate the crowded book waters


Why ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ isn&...

Aug 25, 201410 Comments1720 Views

With the sudden, explosive success of E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey series and now its film’s adaptation coming out on Valentine’s Day 2015, this