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Page To Premiere’s most anticipated 2...

Jan 09, 201511 Comments924 Views

2014 has come and gone with some of the biggest book-to-movie adaptations to date, but let’s not wallow in the past. Our 2015 list is


REVIEW: ‘Agent Carter’ brings t...

Jan 08, 2015No Comments379 Views

Peggy Carter has arrived folks, and she’s kicking some serious butt! The two hour premiere of Marvel‘s mini-series, Agent Carter, wasted no time delving straight

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Book Beats: Listen to this Week’s Top...

Dec 31, 20144 Comments847 Views

While it has been a while since there was a book beats post, what better way to ring in the new year! Guardians of the


Varying degrees of Happily Ever After
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REVIEW: ‘Into the Woods’ is a m...

Dec 30, 2014No Comments658 Views

When I heard that Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods was finally being made into a film I was, to quote Little Red, “excited and scared.”


‘The Twilight Saga: The Official Illu...

Nov 15, 20149 Comments1473 Views

Did you know Demetri was transformed into a vampire by Amun?  Did you know Alice’s father plotted to have her killed? Did you know Carlisle


Animated superhero origin story!

REVIEW: ‘Big Hero 6′ animates a...

Nov 07, 20141 Comment1297 Views

A young orphaned genius suffers a great tragedy and uses his talents to find out the truth behind the cause of his heartbreak. Does this


Recap: ‘Once Upon A Time’ S04E0...

Oct 26, 2014No Comments1504 Views

This week’s Once Upon A Time brought a twist that I did not see coming. In a flashback, we see a delinquent foster-system teenage Emma stealing from the

Elsa, Emma and Hook in Once Upon A Time

‘Once Upon A Time’ S04E03 Recap...

Oct 13, 2014No Comments1635 Views

This week’s Once Upon A Time made me wonder if Snow White could realllly handle the kingdom? We never got a chance to see her in

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‘Once Upon A Time’ S04E02 Recap...

Oct 06, 20141 Comment1616 Views

As far as Frozen is concerned, this week’s Once Upon A Time was excellent. Except for that ridiculous evil Bo Peep. Back in the Enchanted Forest many

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Why ‘The Maze Runner’ book-to-m...

Sep 30, 201423 Comments3516 Views

The Maze Runner hit theaters on September 19th, and since then has taken the box office by storm. Internationally and domestically, it’s made a total